Sporting Events & Negligent Security: What You Need to Know

A sporting event is a time for you to express your fandom while being surrounded by others with the same passion. However, these events can quickly become a living nightmare if the proper security measures are not in place. A lack of adequate security may lead to serious injuries, especially when there are rivalries involved—which almost all sporting events have. When you are injured due to the negligent security at an event, you may be able to hold a number of parties responsible.

Adequate Security

By choosing to go to a sporting event as a guest, you are assuming that you will be treated as one. The business or individual responsible for the event has a duty of care to inform you, the guest, of any potential hazards you may face, along with doing their due diligence to ensure their guest’s safety on the premises.

Some commonly seen forms of security measures include:

  • Video surveillance

  • Metal detectors

  • Proper lighting in all areas (including the parking lot)

  • Security professionals

  • Intercom systems

  • Crowd control

By refusing to implement these measures when deemed necessary, property owners and event organizers may find themselves held liable for injuries at their events.

Sporting Event Negligence

With passionate fans, alcohol, loud music, and excitement, it’s safe to say that crime may be expected. Because of this, property managers must ensure there are proper security measures in place to prevent these things from getting out of hand and causing injuries on their property. By refusing to implement these measures when deemed necessary, property owners and event organizers may find themselves being held liable for injuries at their events.

If the injuries you sustained at a sporting event can be directly related to the negligence of another individual, you may have a negligent security case on your hands. For many years our team here at Kwartler Manus has been helping those injured due to the negligence of another individual seek the compensation they deserve to help them return to their healthy lifestyle.

Many times our clients didn’t believe they even had a negligent security case until we informed them of their rights and how we could assist them in recovering. Don’t let the negligence of another change the way you live the rest of your life.

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