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When you place an elderly loved one in a nursing home or assisted living facility, you trust that the caregivers and staff members will take care of their medical and day-to-day needs. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse and neglect have become a serious problem in the United States due to understaffing, negligent hiring, inadequate training, and breach of residents’ rights.

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Common Types of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing homes and nursing home staff members have a duty to care toward residents. When they fail to uphold their duty of care because of negligence, intentional mistreatment, violence, or disrespect and such failure result in a resident’s injury, the nursing home and/or staff members can be held liable in a personal injury lawsuit.

There are many forms of nursing home abuse. Each varies in degrees of severity.

The following are the most common types of nursing home abuse:

  • Physical abuse – The use of physical force, resulting in bodily injury or pain. Common examples of physical abuse include hitting, slapping, kicking, pushing, or shaking.
  • Neglect – Intentional or unintentional failure to provide care to residents. Common examples of neglect include leaving residents unattended for long periods, not regularly feeding or bathing residents, and ignoring or dismissing complaints by residents.
  • Emotional abuse – The infliction of pain or distress through verbal or nonverbal communication. Common forms of emotional or psychological abuse include threats, insults, harassment, and humiliation.
  • Sexual abuse – Nonconsensual sexual contact with a resident. Common examples of sexual abuse include rape, sodomy, unwanted touching, and sexually motivated photographing.
  • Financial exploitation – Illegal use of a resident’s money, property, or assets. Common examples include accessing a resident’s bank account or cashing a resident’s check without permission, forging a resident’s signature, or improper use of power of attorney or conservatorship.

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