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Why You Need a Philadelphia Mass Tort Lawyer for Your Hair Straightener Case

The chemical hair straightener cases are very complex, and due to the volume of lawsuits, they have been joined into a mass tort. There Is also the element of a class action lawsuit being filed for other victims not currently taking legal action. You need a Philadelphia mass tort lawyer with the knowledge and skills to handle both claim types so you have the best chance of getting compensation for your injuries. You can file an individual lawsuit, but you should first discuss your best legal strategy with Kwartler Manus, LLC.

Questions to ask your lawyer

Choosing the best lawyer for your case is vital because it will shape your entire future. The hair straightening lawsuit alleges that manufacturers failed to warn consumers of the dangers of using these products. Studies show that women who used these products over 11 years were twice as likely to develop uterine cancer and other illnesses as non-users. As a victim of exposure to carcinogenic chemicals in hair straighteners, you must enlist a lawyer with the experience to handle these cases. Your lawyer should have experience in mass tort, product liability, and personal injury cases. When meeting Philadelphia mass tort lawyers, you should ask these questions:

● What experience do you have with mass tort cases?
● What experience do you have with chemical hair straightener cases?
● How much is my case worth?
● What strategy will you use for my claim?
● What information do you need to start my case?
● Are you the primary mass tort lawyer working my case?

Who can I file a claim against?

If you are wondering who you can file a chemical hair relaxer lawsuit against, there are already many claims against manufacturers of these products; the most notable are L’Oreal, Carson Inc, Dabur International Ltd., Namaste Laboratories LLC, and Godrej Consumer Products. You can pursue damages from these and other manufacturers if your doctors diagnose you with uterine cancer after the regular use of chemical hair straighteners. The statute of limitations gives injury victims two years to file a claim when they discover their injuries.

Depending on your injuries, you can seek economic, noneconomic, and punitive damages. When you recover these damages, you can pay for your medical treatment and other losses and be reimbursed for the costs you have already incurred. You must speak with a Philadelphia hair straightener mass tort lawyer to determine your damages.

What a mass tort lawyer can do for you

Mass torts and class action lawsuits have unique factors that many lawyers are unfamiliar with. The main benefit of contacting a Philadelphia hair straightener mass tort lawyer is we are familiar with the law and civil procedure. Having a lawyer who understands civil procedures is vital; if you do not follow these rules, the court can place sanctions. There are also rules pertaining to evidence and witness testimony that differ from other legal matters. If you submit evidence outside of the rules, it is thrown out, hurting your case. You also need a law firm that understands the local court rules.

Another significant role your Philadelphia mass tort lawyer takes is conducting discovery and quantifying your damages. During discovery, both parties will exchange evidence and information. The process involves gathering evidence using methods like:

● Subpoenas
● Requests for admission
● Interrogatories
● Requests for the production of documents
● Depositions

You have one opportunity to present your case and ask for damages. Quantifying your damages is also vital to your case because that is how you will recover payment for your losses. In the hair straightener cases, damages must include estimates for future treatment and will require reasonably high settlement amounts.

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