Philadelphia Music Festival Injury Liability Explained

The sun is out, your friends are close, and you’re ready to have a good time. You finally get to the venue of your favorite music festival only for your worst fears to come true. You find yourself injured badly, wondering what rights and options you have to receive compensation for your injuries. To help keep you safe at this year’s Made In America festival, here’s what you need to know about liability at music festivals.

The Host’s Liability

When you enter into a public space, like a fairground or music venue, those who are hosting the event have a legal obligation to keep you and other guests safe. This means a few different things:

  • There must not be overcrowding
  • There must not be hazards on the floor
  • There must be proper security measures

It’s important to understand that a safe venue for your upcoming music festival is more than just expected, it’s your legal right, and those who breach this duty may be held liable for your injuries.

Do I Have a Claim?

If you’ve been injured at a music festival due to the negligence of another individual, you are eligible to recover for your damages. Negligence doesn’t mean that someone intentionally did something malicious to you. It simply means that there was some sort of dangerous situation that existed and resulted in your injuries. However, this danger must have occurred because of someone else’s negligence.

For example, you are sitting in the first row watching your favorite performer. They are putting on an extravagant show with lots of lights and fireworks. They tested the fireworks to have a blast zone of 15 feet, however, you’re sitting only 10 feet away. The fireworks explode close to you and cause burn injuries, which require medical treatment.

You may hold the concert hall liable for negligence in this situation. They were aware of the radius that the fireworks exploded within, and still chose to seat individuals within that radius. This is breaching their duty of care, and they can be held liable for your injuries.

Who’s Liable?

When determining liability in a negligent security case at a music festival, there are many things that help determine the final outcome. Some possible groups who may be held liable include:

  • The owner of the venue
  • Performers
  • Security
  • Promoters
  • Others attending the concert
  • Local police

There are many possible at-fault parties, because who you file your negligent security claim against depends on your specific situation, and how you were injured. Working with an experienced Philadelphia negligent security attorney will ensure you hold the negligent party responsible to help you pursue the maximum possible compensation for your case.

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