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All across the country, there are growing concerns about Bird and Lime electric scooter safety as these new mobility devices gain in popularity. Some cities, such as Santa Monica, are even making legislative pushes to try to ban electric scooter companies that rent out scooters to customers. In Philadelphia, electric scooter ridesharing companies have not yet taken root, but the same concerns about electric scooter accidents still remain.

If you get hurt while riding a Bird or Lime electric scooter, or by an electric scooter rider, connect with Kwartler Manus, LLC and our scooter injury attorneys in Philadelphia. Throughout our collective 30+ years of legal experience, our attorneys have been able to secure millions of dollars’ worth of recoveries for our clients in a variety of injury case types. We would be honored to be able to apply our caliber of abilities and insight to your case as well.

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Different Types of Bird & Lime Electric Scooter Accidents

Electric scooters have raised safety concerns largely due to the fact that they are quite new and people do not know how to use or interact with them. As a result, there are a number of various accident types that keep occurring across the country, causing people to suffer severe injuries.

Our law firm can help you seek compensation after any sort of electric scooter accident, such as:

  • Rider struck by car: The rules of the road are not clear surrounding electric scooters. People who use them may feel inclined to handle them as they would a bicycle, attempting to share the road with larger vehicles. Motorists who are not used to see Bird or Lime electric scooters in adjacent lanes may have a difficult time spotting them, causing a serious collision. If you were hit by a driver while riding an electric scooter, we want to be the legal team to represent you in your claim.
  • Rider hits pedestrian: Electric scooters can also encounter problems when used along sidewalks, paseos, and so forth. A general lack of experience riding an electric scooter can make it difficult for a rider to safely steer it near pedestrians, resulting in a dangerous pedestrian accident. We can represent people who were struck by electric scooter riders.
  • Electric scooter defect: Many electric scooter accidents can be linked back to a serious defect in the electric scooter. Similar to hoverboards that were popular a few years back, some electric scooters can experience a defect that sends the motor into overdrive, hurtling the rider forward uncontrollably. There are also concerns about brake failures and vandalized scooters. If you were using an electric scooter you owned or rented and it crashed due to a defect, call (267) 457-5570 to let our Philadelphia electric scooter accident lawyers know about it.
  • Tripping on an electric scooter: Bird & Lime electric scooters can be left anywhere after a ride. Due to their small size and the placement of discarded scooters, people have been tripping over them and injuring themselves across the country.

Injuries Suffered in Electric Scooter Accidents & Possible Compensation

The injuries you might suffer in an electric scooter accident will depend on the type of accident you were in, as well as a few other factors. There are many reports of scooter riders suffering anything from lacerations to broken bones to head injuries in a crash. If your injury required medical attention to any degree, it is worth seeing if you can seek compensation from the party or parties liable for your Bird or Lime electric scooter accident.

Compensation you can seek in your injury claim could include:

  • Medical costs: From emergency care to hospitalization and extensive rehabilitation, you should be provided the cost of your care to recover from an accident you did not cause.
  • Property damage: If your electric scooter was destroyed in your accident, you might be able to hold the liable party responsible for its repair or replacement.
  • Missing wages: Being out of work due to an electric scooter accident can devastate your finances. Filing a personal injury claim can help you recovery any wages you missed or lost.
  • Noneconomic damages: A key factor of many injury claims are noneconomic damages, such as pain, suffering, and a lessened enjoyment of life. We work hard to make certain you get all the noneconomic damages you deserve.

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