Common Slip and Fall Accident Injuries at Sheetz

A slip and fall accident at Sheetz can result in severe and life-threatening injuries. If this is the case for you, you may be accumulating expensive medical bills, losing much needed income, and experiencing extreme pain and suffering. Here are eight of the most common injuries that victims frequently suffer from a slip and fall at Sheetz:

  1. Broken bones: Broken bones are very common after a Sheetz slip and fall accident. The reason for this is because the victim is likely to slide into an object or collide into the hard floor or ground, which can cause them to break a bone in their legs, feet, arms, hands, and more. While this can happen to anyone of any age, it happens more often to elderly or younger individuals as a slip and fall may apply too much pressure on their weaker bones.
  2. Skull fractures: Even though the skull is very tough, a skull fracture may occur if an individual hits or bumps their head very hard. This can happen during a slip and fall accident if the individual hits their head on the floor or even another object in the Sheetz store, resulting in a break or fracture in the skull. Depending on how much force or impact the skull experienced, a brain injury may also arise.
  3. Traumatic brain injuries: Most people think that they can only suffer a traumatic brain injury if their head hits the floor or another object forcefully. However, traumatic brain injuries also have the ability to emerge from quick and sudden jolts to the head or body, which may happen during a slip and fall accident. These injuries are serious injuries that can have lifelong and permanent effects. Therefore, if you experience a slip and fall accident but never actually bump your head on anything, it is still crucial to visit a licensed medical provider immediately to rule out any potential traumatic brain injuries. If you leave this type of injury untreated, it may become worse over time and possibly even lead to a secondary brain injury, which can result in serious consequences, impairments, or even death.
  4. Soft tissue injuries: A slip and fall victim may experience soft tissue injuries. These types of injuries are usually described as bruised, swollen, or torn muscles, tendons, or ligaments. Some slip and fall victims may even have permanent damage to their soft tissues. Although many people may not think of soft tissue injuries as very serious, they can be extremely painful and affect a person’s day-to-day life in major ways.
  5. Back and spinal cord injuries: Back and spinal cord injuries are one of the most frequently reported injuries after a slip and fall accident. This is because when a slip and fall accident occurs, most people are unprepared for the sudden and forceful movement that their body experiences, which results in their back muscles and bones being thrown or pulled out of place. As a result, they may have nerve damage, intense and excruciating pain, tingling, muscle weakness, paralysis, and more.
  6. Sprains and strains: It is usually an automatic instinct for slip and fall victims to put their hands out to try to break or stop their falls. However, this can quickly lead to a sprained wrist. In addition, a person’s legs may get twisted or turned the wrong way during a slip and fall, causing a sprained ankle. While sprains and strains are typically considered minor injuries, they do tend to take several weeks or months to heal, which can greatly affect your quality of life, routine, and enjoyment of activities during this time.
  7. Cuts and lacerations: Depending on where your slip and fall occurred at Sheetz, you may experience cuts and lacerations. For example, if your slip and fall occurred outside in the parking lot, you likely suffered cuts and lacerations from the hard and grainy pavement. However, there is still a possibility that you may also suffer cuts and lacerations even if your slip and fall accident happened inside the store because you could land on a sharp or pointed object. Regardless of where your accident occurred, cuts and lacerations can cause serious scarring and disfigurement for the rest of your life.
  8. Facial and dental injuries: If you slip and fall at Sheetz and your face hits the hard pavement, floor, or another object, there is a high chance that you may experience facial and dental injuries. A few of the most common types of facial and dental injuries that may emerge from a slip and fall accident are broken jaw bones, broken noses, broken cheekbones, eye injuries, chipped or broken teeth, cut or bruised gums, and more. Facial and dental injuries should be taken seriously as they not only cause a great amount of pain, but they also impact your self-esteem and confidence for many years to come.

If you recently experienced a slip and fall accident at a Sheetz convenience store, please do not hesitate to reach out to the New Jersey and Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys from Kwartler Manus, LLC at your earliest convenience. Our team believes in holding negligent businesses and workers accountable for their negligent behaviors, which is why we are committed to doing everything we can to stand up and fight for your legal rights. Contact our firm to schedule your free and confidential case evaluation today.

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