How to Choose the Right Wawa Slip and Fall Attorney

You might be considering getting legal representation after a Wawa slip and fall incident. In some instances, you might be able to settle without much pushback from the insurance company. This usually happens when injuries are minor. However, the insurance company can cause you stress and deny your claim for any reason, regardless of how minor or severe your injuries are. Finding the right Wawa slip and fall attorney can be challenging. We have tips on choosing the right attorney and law firm to handle your case.

Ask for recommendations

There are countless personal injury attorneys in Pennsylvania. You have likely seen advertisements for them everywhere, on TV, billboards, radio, etc. Ask your network for recommendations instead of calling the first number you see. If you have hired a lawyer in the past for a different situation, you can ask them for a referral. You can also ask your social media friends.

You can also directly ask your family and friends for suggestions. Coworkers and neighbors can also be a valuable resource for recommendations. They may have had a personal injury attorney in the past. They might have recommendations and also warn you of negative experiences with attorneys.

Review ratings

When you have a list of a few Wawa slip and fall attorneys, you should do some research. You will want to review their ratings. You can start by checking state and local bar associations. You want to make sure the attorney is in good standing. You can also review ratings on online directories. These sites issue ratings based on the attorney’s skills and reputation. The two most common directories are Super Lawyers and Avvo.

Lastly, you can check the law firm’s social media and website. You can also look for the lead attorney of the firm. These online resources can provide information like office locations and cases they handle. You might also get a general sense of how they approach slip and fall cases. Many attorneys will also describe which slip and fall cases they handle.

Additional information you can find on an attorney’s website is client reviews. This can help you decide if the firm is right for you. Remember, the website may focus on positive reviews, but you can follow the links to other reviews. Under case results, you may also see slip and fall cases and the amount they were settled for.

Discuss their experience

Some personal injury attorneys have been practicing for a few years, and others for decades. The amount of time in practice is not as critical as their experience. There are benefits to each. A Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer with a few years practicing may benefit you because they are more open to taking on new cases. They may also have a smaller caseload allowing them to spend more time and resources on your claim. Additionally, since they are at the beginning of their career, they are trying to prove themselves. This attitude can be beneficial to clients.

Conversely, an attorney practicing for decades can have different benefits. They might have a more prominent law firm. That can provide you with multiple points of view and extensive resources. Their reputation is also solid from handling so many cases over the years. They may know how to get higher settlements. They also have experience working with insurance adjusters from most insurance companies in the area.

Schedule several consultations

When you have enough information about potential law firms, you should schedule initial consultations. You will likely only have two or three attorneys on your list at this point. Now call the law firm and schedule a consultation. You should start judging them from the moment they pick up the phone. First impressions can go a long way. Consider the following:

  • Was the person who answered polite? Professional?
  • Who is your consultation with? A lawyer or a legal assistant?
  • How soon can you schedule a consultation?
  • Is there a fee for an initial consultation?

Most Wawa slip and fall attorneys offer free consultations, but you should always confirm. For the best results, bring all your documentation to the initial meeting. Bring pictures, videos, medical bills, names, insurance information, etc.

Call Kwartler Manus, LLC

After an initial consultation, you should have sufficient information to decide which law firm you feel most comfortable with. Evaluate each slip and fall attorney on professionalism, waiting times, attention, and knowledge. You can get started with Kwartler Manus, LLC. We understand the intricacies of negotiation with Wawa insurers. Call us at (267) 995-5941 to get started today,

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