Bicycle Accidents With Uber/Lyft Vehicles

With the rise in popularity of ride-sharing applications like Uber and Lyft, there has been an obvious increase in accidents involving those vehicles. This makes sense considering there are more of them on the road especially in dense urban areas like Philadelphia. If you’ve been hit by an Uber or Lyft driver, you can 100% file a lawsuit for damages.

What You Need To Know When Filing A Claim
First you would want to open a claim against Uber/Lyft through their insurance company which works similarly to the standard insurance companies everyone is familiar with. Uber accidents have their own policies when the Uber application is activated. When the application is not activated, then the accident claim would be submitted through the driver’s personal auto insurance.

If you are hit by an Uber while on your bike it is important to get as much information as possible. Take pictures of all vehicles involved, take pictures of all persons involved, and take pictures of the accident area.

Often times in bike accidents in Philadelphia significant damage can occur to the bike. The value of the bike and/or the costs of repairs is another element of damages that one can be compensated for in Uber accidents. Typical injuries in Uber accidents while riding a bike include head injuries, back injuries, neck injuries, broken legs, broken arms, and concussions.

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