Avoiding Slip and Fall Injuries Inside and Outside of Philadelphia Wawa Stores

A slip and fall can happen in an instant. Wawa employees have a responsibility to keep the premises safe. They must do their part, but so can customers. A slip and fall is not your fault if the other party is negligent. There are steps they can take to prevent falls. You can also take steps to avoid slipping and falling and prevent others from as well. Over eight million people yearly go to the emergency room for slip and fall incidents. Call Philadelphia Wawa slip and fall attorney if you suffer an injury.

Routine Maintenance

Property owners have many responsibilities. One of those is keeping up with routine maintenance. This can include curbs, sidewalks, and walkways that might settle or crack. Seasonal changes can impact how regular maintenance is conducted. Every season brings different challenges. Property owners may have to remove snow in the winter and deal with rain in the spring.

Be vigilant about the weather

The weather is constantly changing, and when they do, additional steps must be taken to ensure people don’t fall on the premises. If rain is coming, that might require extra rugs near entrances. It might also be beneficial to have umbrella bag holders so customers do not drip water throughout the store. Windy conditions can lead to twigs and debris on the walkway. Employees can direct customers to use another entrance while clearing walkways.

Customers should stay alert to the weather conditions. Avoid running when it rains, as this can cause you to fall. Stay attentive to what employees say if they try to redirect you. Use umbrella bags and dry off as best you can when entering the Wawa.

Use carpets and grip materials

This goes hand in hand with being alert about the weather. Carpets and grippers are great in high-traffic areas. They stick to the floor and collect much of the debris that customers trail in. Ideally, they should be at every entryway. In addition to having them in place, property owners should also check them periodically to ensure they are secure to the floor and are not peeling.

Customers should stay vigilant of any upturned carpets. You should also wipe your feet to remove any dirt or water. If you notice a rug is sliding, inform the staff so no one else falls. If you encounter a carpet that causes you to fall, speak to our Philadelphia Wawa slip and fall attorney.

Avoid putting obstacles near people

Customers enter the store looking for snacks and other products. Stock must be maintained. However, employees should not put items in your way. Additionally, if customers see any items on the floor, they should walk around it or ask for assistance. Sometimes customers will try to reach around the obstacle and end up on the floor.

Good Housekeeping

Sometimes all it takes to avoid a slip and fall or other accident is good housekeeping. Employees should be trained on daily cleaning practices. Since Wawa has been around for years and has over 900 stores, they have protocols established already. Employees must follow them.

Secure electrical cords

Wawa workstations have a lot of technology, which means many electrical wires. There may be wires for the phone, a lottery machine, a POS system, and a time clock in one place. They might not be an issue for the general public since they are behind the counter. However, they can cause an employee to trip and fall.

Signage near hazards

One final tip for Wawa to prevent falls is to place signage near hazards. Sometimes the dangers are from the employees, and other times, the customers make them. When there is a hazard, putting up signage to warn customers can go a long way. Adequate warnings can divert a customer in a different direction.

Stay vigilant and ask for help

While most of the responsibility falls on Wawa, you can also take steps to avoid slips and falls. The best thing you can do is to stay vigilant. Look for signage and use situation awareness to assess your next steps. If you see something, let the staff know so they can remedy the situation.

Even if Wawa and customers take all these steps, an accident can still happen. If it does, you must speak to a Wawa slip and fall accident lawyer in Philadelphia.

Call Kwartler Manus, LLC

The Philadelphia personal injury attorney from Kwartler Manus, LLC understands how challenging it can be for victims after an injury. We want you to focus on your health. We will handle the brunt of the legal process. Call us at (267) 996-9370 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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