What to Do if You’ve been Injured as a Courier?

Couriers are known for the independence of their work, which requires traipsing on bikes and in their cars in order to deliver food or other goods to residents across the city. Their work also brings them to a variety of establishments and along differing routes, taking away the routine many associate with their own daily day jobs. Despite appearing to work so independently, couriers are still serving an overarching employer, usually a food delivery magnate of some sort, and deserve the same protections as other types of workers. Similarly, the possibility of an accident or injury while on the job is possible for couriers.

Putting myself out there too much?

To get the job done and generate income, couriers must get out of the house and on the road. Inserting yourself in front of the general public on a regular basis naturally poses inherent risks. Here is a list of possible instances of an accident that may occur while working as a courier:

  • Automobile crash
  • Being struck by a vehicle or object while cycling
  • Exhaustion due to exposure to severe weather, such as frigid temperatures or scorching heat
  • Falling while attempting to carry large orders
  • Typical maladies of the legs or arms due to continued manual labor
  • Violent attacks, due to the courier’s need to interact with the general public and possibly disgruntled customers

People rely on couriers’ services every day, and couriers similarly rely on the revenue they receive by delivering goods to residents’ homes. It is still always important for workers to recognize the risks of their jobs.

The fallout of being injured

If a courier experiences a significant enough injury, it could take them out of the job. Not only does this mean higher medical expenses, but it also means a reduced or completely eradicated income. The implications of an injury can have a long-lasting impact on your wellbeing and financial stability. Recognition of the seriousness of your accident by your employer is a helpful way to redeem yourself. It will also require preparation on your part, including the careful documentation of how the incident happened (especially important since most couriers work alone and are rarely directly observed while on the job). The first best step is to record in detailed writing what you remembered about how the accident was caused and the parties who were at play. Then, call expert personal injury lawyers at Kwartler-Manus in Philadelphia.

Enlisting expert help

Working as a courier requires resourcefulness and independence. But when facing down the establishment of a claim for your injury against your employer or another third party, you will want professional and experienced backing. That’s where Kwartler Manus comes in with its team of successful counsel specifically adept at winning claims for defendants who were injured on the job. This is cross-referenced with lawyers skilled in claims resulting from vehicular accidents, a common element in courier injury reports. Bet on a legal team that’s known to win and has a record as impressive as Kwartler-Manus’s millions of dollars worth of claims won. Call us today at 267-457-55708 or contact us online to schedule a consultation today.

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