What to Do After a Philadelphia Hit and Run Accident

car accident is a stressful and confusing event for anyone; the stakes are higher when the accident involves a hit-and-run driver. Hit and run victims are confused and anxiety-ridden when the other driver seemingly disappears. It is common to think you do not have many options. The reality is that you do have options primarily when you work with a Philadelphia hit and run car accident attorney. Hit and run accidents are particularly frustrating because you have no one to hold responsible for your property damage and injuries. Do not attempt to chase the runaway driver or fail to report the accident. Instead, follow these steps to have the best chance of holding the other driver responsible for their actions.

Remain calm

Staying calm is the hardest step for accident victims, especially those involved in a hit and run. However, this is an essential step. It is easy to submit to your emotions, but this can lead to you not thinking straight and missing out on crucial evidence that can help your case. Take a deep breath and get into action. When you are seriously injured, you are limited in your capacity. You will need to work from your current position and not move, as that can worsen the extent of your injuries.

Gather information

While your recollection is fresh, write down any information you remember about the car and the driver. Memories fade quickly, and many victims think they can recall the accident later. When they sit down, they realize they have forgotten crucial details. Some essential information to write down are:

  • The car color
  • Type of vehicle
  • The license plate or partial license plate
  • Make and model of the car
  • Any information on the driver you remember, such as their gender, hair color, etc.

These details will help the police and your Philadelphia hit-and-run car accident attorney track down the driver. If there are any accident witnesses around, speak to them. The witness can have further insight into how the accident happened and information on the vehicle. If the accident was caught on a neighborhood video camera, having contact information will be helpful to your case. Witnesses do not always wait until the police arrive, so you need to gather their contact information. You can ask them to stay, but they may not want to. Finding the driver or the car is essential to obtaining fair compensation for your injuries.

Call emergency services

The accident report is essential to your insurance and personal injury claim. While you jot down the information you gather, you need to contact emergency services to respond to the scene. Do not leave the accident location; there is crucial evidence that the police can use to find the runaway driver. If you leave the scene, the evidence is no longer suitable. You need to disclose all of the information gathered while waiting for emergency services. The officer will include all of this information in the report.

Report the accident to your insurance

As with any other accident, you need to inform your insurance company. If your policy has uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, the insurance company will cover the hit and run accident. Again this is contingent on your policy limits and the insurance company. Do not admit fault to your insurance company; simply report a hit and run accident and provide the accident report number to your insurer.

Speak with a Philadelphia hit and run accident attorney

One of the most vital steps to take after a hit-and-run accident is to contact a Philadelphia hit and run car accident attorney. There is a chance that the driver is found after a hit and run. If that is the case, you will have more options for your claim. You can file a claim through the runaway driver’s insurance company. To discuss your legal options after a hit and run accident, contact Kwartler Manus, LLC using our contact form or calling (267) 457-5570.

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