How to Navigate an Injury on-the-job as a Furniture Delivery Driver

Furniture delivery drivers are hired to quickly deliver companies’ products to customers who have often invested considerable sums of money into new couches, chairs, tables, and other household items. It’s a stressful job that forces you to balance the needs of a large company and the individual customers you encounter on each job. Other on-the-job occurrences can be riskier than trying to please a disgruntled customer.

Risky occurrences faced as a furniture delivery driver

Unfamiliarity with the houses you are bringing furniture into (Depending on the company and job, you may be responsible for actually delivering and installing pieces of furniture in a customer’s house. This poses a whole new environment you can experience injury in that you are unfamiliar with.)

  • Failure of your delivery partner to protect you
  • Lack of proper equipment
  • Accidental drops on your person, leading to potentially serious or fatal injuries

Protect yourself during the day-to-day routine

On top of responsibility for the company’s property that you are delivering, your day-to-day routine as a furniture delivery driver entails the unavoidable element of customer service. By dropping off the furniture, you are automatically a representative of the company that the client has ordered from, meaning their perception of you matters. This can add to the stress of your job if a customer is particularly demanding or unhappy with the approach you need to take for the safety of your wellbeing. While a valid distraction, don’t let such interactions overwhelm you to the point that you lose the inability to assess a situation and protect yourself from risk. Your safety is more worthwhile than the customers’ satisfaction, and that is a protection you can shield yourself with.

When all precautions are not adept enough to prevent injury, you have options. Namely, it’s important to recognize that accidents happen and you still have a right to compensation in the aftermath of an unfortunate incident.

What to do in the event of injury?

If an injury sustained on the job is serious or life-threatening, seek immediate assistance by calling 911. Once treatment has been delivered and conditions are stabilized, do all you can to record what happened leading up to and occurred during the incident. Records of any treatment or hardships incurred by the injury are instrumental in building your claim.

The support of loved ones is positive, but sometimes your suffering on the job warrants extraordinary recognition. It is a simple fact that you will be a key factor in receiving such reparations yourself. Take action and follow through on the steps listed above, but don’t hesitate to explore third-party assistance.

How Can the Attorneys at Kwartler Manus Help?

If you’re going to hire outside help, make sure they’re experts, like the personal injury lawyers at Kwartler Manus. We fiercely defend our clients and offer many advantages during the preparation and mediation segments of filing your claim. Our counsel is backed by extensive trial experience, 24/7 ability to clients, and a staunch readiness to fight your case until the end. Contact us online or by phone at 267-457-55708 to schedule a complimentary consultation today.

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