What Dangers Lurk During the Winter in New Jersey Shopping Centers?

The winter months bring with them a lot of fun for the family. It also means it is time to shop for the holidays, whether it be for decorations or for gifts. Shopping centers in New Jersey become full of people and dangers too. Colder months bring with them snow, ice, and rain. Days are also shorter and this can all lead to dangerous situations for shoppers. You may not even be aware of many of these dangers as they can be lurking in the shadows. If you are injured in a shopping center you may need the assistance of a New Jersey slip and fall lawyer.

The ground is slick

Ice and snow can often make the ground slick, which can make it difficult to navigate with a vehicle of any kind. Vehicles may be unable to stop as quickly or effectively as they normally would due to the ground being difficult to grip for tires. While drivers can try to drive more cautiously, this may not be enough if the property owners have failed to do their part and keep the area free of hazards.

Pedestrians should also be wary as they may be forced to walk in areas they normally would not in order to avoid an icy patch. This can lead to a vehicle not seeing them and a tragedy occurs. Not only will a New Jersey slip and fall lawyer be able to discuss your legal options after a slip and fall but also after other personal injury accidents in the winter.

Pavement cracks and potholes

This is a danger that can be present at any time of the year but is more often seen during the winter due to the effects of the weather. Potholes and cracks are typically caused when the sidewalk is not maintained properly. This can be exasperated when snow and ice build up. This can make entering the store menacing.

It is crucial for property owners to repair potholes and cracks in a timely manner. They should be repaired way before the winter months begin. Once winter begins, the dangers increase and it becomes more difficult to repair these dangerous situations. Not only can they cause injury but they can also cause damage to cars. This opens up floodgates for unsuspecting patrons who may find their vehicle unusable during the most critical time of the year.

Snow, ice, and rain

The most dangerous hazard during the winter in New Jersey is the weather. Snow, ice, and rain can make pavement and other surfaces slippery. If property owners do not place non-slip mats and other preventative measures in place, customers can easily slip and fall.

When it begins to snow, the snow can build up and cause hazards in parking lots. It is important for property owners to have a snow removal company on call to clear walkways and parking lots so it is safe for shoppers and employees. Most snow removal companies will also be able to deice surfaces.

Inadequate lighting

While many lighting structures in shopping centers operate based on a light sensor, some are based on a schedule. If a property owner does not change the schedule then this can lead to inadequate lighting. With the days getting shorter, shopping centers will need adequate lighting to ensure that customers can make it to and from their vehicles safely. If a customer is unable to see where they are going, they will easily slip and fall. If you do slip and fall in a shopping center that has inadequate lighting you will need a New Jersey slip and fall lawyer.

Call a New Jersey slip and fall lawyer

The winter should be full of family, fun, and memories, not injuries and medical appointments. If you have been the victim of a negligent property owner, you will need a New Jersey slip and fall lawyer. Call Kwartler Manus, LLC at (267) 457-5570 today.

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