What Does a Chemical Hair Straightener Mass Tort Lawyer Do?

A manufacturer must ensure safe use for the consumer when creating a product. Additionally, they must warn of any dangers the products have, and if they don’t and it causes harm to the consumer, they must pay for their actions. Chemical hair straighteners have harsh chemicals that can cause cancer, and a scientific study shows the direct connection between hair straighteners and cancer. If you are living with uterine cancer after using chemical hair straighteners, you must immediately contact a Philadelphia mass tort lawyer.

Determining the manufacturer

A Philadelphia hair straightener mass tort lawyer will help you in many ways. The first thing we must do is determine the manufacture of the product you were using. If you have receipts or information on the hair relaxer you use, bring it to your initial consultation. We will review the brand name and determine who manufactures, distributes and packages these products. This is one of the essential elements of your case because the manufacturer is the entity that must pay for your damages and losses. There are five manufacturers in the hair relaxer lawsuits, but more will likely be added as the suit grows.

Filing a lawsuit

Once your Philadelphia mass tort lawyer determines who the manufacturer is, they can begin filing a lawsuit. Mass tort lawsuits differ from personal injury claims because they involve many defendants and plaintiffs. It also means that the attorney representing you will have to work with other lawyers to gather evidence and move their cases along. Most of the lawyers in these claims will share information they find that can help others. You must file a lawsuit before the two-year statute of limitation. Remember, the statute begins from the day you find your injury. You must speak to a Philadelphia hair straightener mass tort lawyer to determine if you are within the statute and what you should file.

Quantifying your damages

The premise of filing a lawsuit is to recover compensation for your losses after suffering harm from a defective product. Many victims focus on the medical bills they have for treatment, but there are other losses you suffer from these incidents. You can lose your employment and ability to find work in the future. You can also become unable to participate in household chores and other activities. You can recover these losses in your mass tort lawsuit, and you should discuss every lifestyle change you endured from your diagnosis.

The financial impact

Reviewing your losses and expenses from the incident is part of quantifying your damages. Uterine cancer brings with it many losses, such as:

● Chronic pain from treatment
● Intense medical treatment to prevent the spread of cancer
● Emotional distress
● Inability to work
● Loss of fertility
● Increased likelihood of developing other cancers

Many of these items you cannot put a price on, such as the loss of fertility. Many women will never be able to have kids because of these hair treatments, and that is truly immeasurable.

Gathering evidence

Evidence is essential to all personal injury claims, and you must ensure you have a Philadelphia mass tort lawyer who knows the evidence rules. Finding good evidence is only half the battle, as many regulations exist for filing evidence and presenting it to the court. We must gather evidence of your condition and your product use. The frequency with how you use the product is also relevant. We will review warning labels and scientific studies to ensure we get sufficient evidence tying your uterine cancer to the chemical hair straightener.

Kwartler Manus, LLC has experience with mass torts.

Your Philadelphia mass tort lawyer will wear many hats, but the most important one is fighting for you until the end. We must fight for you and ensure you get justice for the negligent actions of another party. Mass tort cases are complex, and you need a lawyer familiar with the process and who has a background in personal injury product liability and class actions. Kwartler Manus, LLC has the experience you need for your chemical hair straightener lawsuit; give us a call.

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