Seeking Legal Aid Following a Wawa Slip and Fall Incident

Slipping and falling in a New Jersey Wawa can be a confusing and embarrassing experience. Many victims are unsure when to seek legal assistance for a slip and fall. These incidents can happen anywhere. Wawa is notorious for having many guests entering the facility. As with most convenience stores, there are many hazards. Staff is responsible for keeping the area reasonably safe. Discuss your fall with a New Jersey Wawa slip and fall accident lawyer.

When to pursue legal action

If you trip over your shoelace, you might not take legal action. Legally you can pursue legal action when the property owner neglects an environment like a Wawa. This negligence was a direct result of causing your fall. When a Wawa manager or employee fails to eliminate foreseeable dangers, they can be liable for your injuries. Some examples of negligently maintaining a property include:

  • Freshly waxed floors without warning signs posted
  • Cracks on the pavement the owner was aware of and has not resolved
  • Lack of caution signs when mopping the floor
  • Refrigerator spilling liquid causing a hazard

Many other safety issues can lead to a Wawa slip and fall incident. You should speak to the personal injury lawyers from Kwartler Manus, LLC.

What a Wawa slip and fall lawyer can do for you

When you work with a Wawa slip and fall attorney, you have many benefits. You have a burden of proof to show that the establishment was negligent in causing your injuries. This can become overwhelming when you try to focus on your physical well-being. Many victims choose to handle the legal process due to costs. Most personal injury lawyers in New Jersey work on a contingency fee basis. That means you do not pay anything upfront. Other ways Kwartler Manus, LLC can help include:

Legal advice
The most significant benefit you will receive from working with a Wawa slip and fall lawyer is legal advice. We can explain your legal options. We will also recommend the next steps for working towards justice and compensation. You will have access to us at the beginning and throughout your claim.

Establishing negligence
The most challenging aspect of slip and fall cases is establishing negligence. This burden is left on the victim to prove the property owner was negligent and the cause of their injury. We can gather evidence, assess your accident and fight for justice. You will likely have to negotiate with the insurance company. They will want conclusive proof of their wrongdoings.

Calculating damages
Another crucial element in personal injury cases is calculating the damages the negligent party inflicted on the person. Not only must you tabulate your current losses but your future losses as well. You must work with someone experienced in these matters so you do not miss out on any compensation. Our Wawa slip and fall lawyer will review past, current, and future losses for an accurate total.

Negotiating a settlement
Wawa has insurance companies that work with them to handle any injuries on their properties. Most often, settling out of court is beneficial. To do so, we will negotiate with the insurance company for fair compensation. You should have top-notch negotiation skills to get the best results.

You might pay for losses out of pocket without the appropriate settlement amount. Once you accept the insurance company’s offer, you cannot go back and ask for more. Working with a Wawa slip-and-fall lawyer is vital for the best case assessment.

Representation at trial
While many claims settle through negotiation without extensive legal actions, some do not. It may be that the insurance company is unwilling to offer more, or you have a severe injury that surpasses their policy limits. In either case, your claim may have to go to court. Litigation does not necessarily mean there is a trial. However, you should prepare for one.

If you must go into litigation, working with a New Jersey slip and fall lawyer is best. There are many deadlines to consider that you cannot miss. There is also a lot of documentation and investigation to conduct.

Kwartler Manus, LLC

Many slip and fall victims attempt to handle the legal process independently. They think Wawa will do the right thing and pay for their losses. While technically, you can handle the case alone. You might not get the best results. Generally, working with a Wawa slip and fall lawyer results in a higher settlement. You must speak with Kwartler Manus, LLC by calling 267-996-5941 to discuss your legal options.

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