How Philadelphia Wawa Slip and Fall Victims Can Recover Compensation

If you fell at a Wawa convenience store and suffered an injury, you may be entitled to pursue financial compensation. You can get reimbursement for your medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and more. The burden of proof will fall on the victim. This can become very stressful while dealing with injuries. Speaking to a Philadelphia Wawa slip and fall accident lawyer is the best way to pursue compensation. We can handle the insurance process to recover compensation for your injuries.

Wawa’s responsibilities

Wawa should have safety procedures in place that staff follow. These procedures can help prevent injuries to customers. You can fairly expect the following when you enter a Wawa:

  • Employees monitoring the store for hazards
  • Employees watching parking lot for dangers
  • Existing hazards have signs or other notices

If you fall, the employee or property owner was negligent in their duties. They did not take the proper care or precautions to keep you and other customers safe. Wawa and others can be liable for your injuries when that happens. Our Wawa slip and fall accident lawyer in Philadelphia can review the circumstances of your case and determine who is responsible.

Hazards Wawa is responsible for

While there are many hazards that you can encounter, not all of them are the responsibility of Wawa. When slipping hazards emerge, management and employees must respond immediately. The most common hazards you may encounter include:

  • Rain puddles: you can encounter them in the convenience store, parking lots, or interior walkways
  • Leaking or spilled gas from pumps
  • Rain moisture that is tracked inside by customers
  • Slippery tiles after being freshly cleaned
  • Spilled liquids or drinks that cause slick spots
  • Broken floor tiles
  • Condensation or liquids from freezers, coffee, and slush machines

Wawa has many products and services that can result in hazards. Store employees and management must be alert to these hazards. They must also warn customers of any threats to prevent falls. When they fail their duties, and you suffer injuries, you should speak to a Wawa slip and fall accident lawyer.

The compensation you can pursue

When you fall and suffer injuries, you will have several losses you can suffer. Any accident-related losses should be added to your insurance claim. Some permanent injuries can lead to lifelong medical care, lifestyle changes, and financial hurdles. Some of the most common expenses you will face and must pursue compensation for include:

  • Healthcare costs: many falls lead to emergency medical care and extensive follow-up care. When Wawa is responsible for your injuries, they should also be responsible for paying these costs.
  • Pain and suffering: often, victims will suffer emotional anguish after a traumatic experience. You may lose sleep, suffer chronic pain, and be haunted by the memories of the fall. You can pursue noneconomic damages that cover these losses.
  • Lost income: missing time from work can lead to a spiral of issues. Keep track of any days you must take off for appointments or because you do not feel well. You may also lose employment, retirement benefits, bonuses, and more. Wawa should reimburse you for these losses.
  • Loss of a loved one: sometimes, the injuries from a Wawa slip and fall are so severe that they cause a person’s death. You must pursue wrongful death damages if your loved one died due to Wawa slip and fall injuries. You can seek compensation for grief, loss of guidance, funeral expenses, etc.

It is crucial to work with an expired Wawa slip and fall accident attorney in Philadelphia to assess the damages you can pursue. We will calculate your losses and negotiate with the insurance company.

How a Philadelphia slip and fall attorney can help

To get compensation for your slip and fall, you must file an insurance claim with Wawa. The insurer will try to deny your claim at every turn. Our personal injury attorney will fight back. If they are unwilling to negotiate, we can take the next step: file a lawsuit. We will take the following steps to fight for the compensation you deserve:

  • Hiring experts
  • Seeking strong evidence
  • Negotiating with the insurance company
  • Filing a lawsuit
  • Represent you at trial

Speak to Kwartler Manus, LLC

Wawa is nationally recognized, and they have the resources to extend any legal battle. You should also have sufficient resources to fight back. Kwartler Manus, LLC has the experience and resources to go up against Wawa and its insurers. Call our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers at (267) 996-9370 for an initial consultation.

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