I Was Hit by a Forklift at a Philadelphia Home Depot; What Next?

A Home Depot forklift accident is more prevalent than you might think. There have been several forklift accident cases across the country where customers suffer an injury from a forklift while completing their home improvement shopping. In 2005 a man suffered neck, and spinal cord damage after a pallet of plywood fell on top of him and was awarded $1.5 million after a jury trial. While it may seem substantial, the victim could not return to work and will suffer restrictions for the rest of their life.

How forklift accidents happen

Forklifts are prevalent in Home Depot because employees use them to transport heavy items into cars and trucks. They also restock the shelves and unload shipments. You will find forklifts all over the Home Depot, and while they are supposed to help shoppers, they can be the cause of injury. The employee must know how to operate the forklift correctly and ensure everyone around them is safe.

The case above demonstrates how improperly balancing or loading a forklift can result in permanent injury for a customer. Another way a forklift accident can happen is when an employee leaves the forklift on the floor unattended causing a hazard. While it can seem obvious to passersby, there are many instances that it does not exempt Home Depot from liability, even if it is obvious. While a person is aware that the forklift is there, they are unaware of the materials on the forklift and can trip over them.

When operating a forklift, the employee may have lower visibility, leading them to run into a customer or drop the materials from the forklift. Leaving a forklift unattended is a severe hazard, and store employees must place a barrier or warning signs when it is not in use. A forklift left near the entrance can cause a person to trip and fall on the blades. Home Depot is full of dangers, and it is imperative that employees keep the areas safe from these hazards.

What happens after an injury in Home Depot?

After an injury, you must take legal action against Home Depot for its negligence. You should not suffer in silence. A Home Depot premises liability lawyer in Philadelphia will help you recover from the injuries and losses you suffer. There are no federal regulations regarding the safe practice of the store, only internal ones, which makes it difficult to see any real change.

After an injury, you must first receive medical attention and document what you remember from the incident. Next, you will need to meet with Kwartler Manus, LLC, to discuss your legal options. We will begin a lawsuit against the retail giant. It is essential to attend every doctor’s appointment and focus on healing. You need to get a final prognosis to determine what the rest of your life will look like.

Forklift accidents can be fatal

In many instances, a forklift accident at a Home Depot results in a fatal injury. There was a case where a forklift was carrying countertops that came crashing down on a three-year-old, causing her death. A trip and fall from a forklift can also lead to injuries that result in death. When a loved one goes to Home Depot to pick up something for the house, the last thing you assume will happen is they do not return home. Sadly, that is the outcome for many families across the country, including Philadelphia. If you lose a loved one from a Home Depot forklift accident, you need to discuss your options with a Philadelphia wrongful death lawyer from Kwartler Manus, LLC.

Kwartler Manus, LLC fights for you

There have been countless accidents and deaths on Home Depot premises, although there is no exact figure. The home improvement store will not release data on the actual injuries and deaths that occur within the store. OSHA only records injuries to employees but not customers. The warehouse-style shopping has caused the retail giant to cut back on safety precautions and focus on profits. Home Depot also has confidentiality agreements for litigation, so the actual number of injuries, deaths, and compensation awards are not easily accessible.

When you go up against Home Depot, they will bring up confidentiality agreements; some victims choose to sign them while others do not. You must work with your Philadelphia forklift accident lawyer to determine which route is best for you. Contact Kwartler Manus, LLC, at (267) 457-5570 to discuss your options and start a lawsuit today.

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