Am I Safe as a Passenger in an Uber?

Over the past few years there has no doubt been a rise in the popularity of ridesharing. Carpooling services like Uber make it easy and convenient to get a ride for anyone. The only requirement is to download the app on a smartphone. From there, one can sign up, link a credit card to the account and begin using.

What distinguishes Uber from the traditional taxi cab is the fact that these ridesharing services involve private drivers using their own vehicle. This also raises the level of concern when it comes to safety. Injured in a Philadelphia Uber accident? Call Kwartler Manus to schedule a consultation.

What Does Uber Guarantee Its Passengers?

Uber guarantees users comfortable and affordable rides anytime and anywhere. However, for all the goods rendered, there is an ever prevailing issue of security. It is assuring to know that Uber goes to great lengths to ensure the safety of passengers. There is really only so much the company can do. It is advised that riders also take their own personal measures of safety. This can include:

  • Book a ride indoors
  • Conduct a thorough check
  • Maintain space
  • Keep family or friends in the know
  • Trust instincts
  • Be polite

These practices can be implemented quite effectively and will result in a greater sense of security. When you book a ride indoors, you eliminate the chances of something happening out in the open. Should one find themselves waiting outdoors, always look for a safe place to wait.

Be sure to check that all the driver information matches what you have on your phone.

The driver’s vehicle and information is all listed on the app. Compare the model of the car, plate, driver name and pictures. For an extra layer of security you can request that the driver confirms your own name as it shows they follow the due process.

Tips for Riding Alone in Uber

If you are riding alone, it is best to keep a good space between you and the driver. It is recommended to sit in the back to ensure safety and provide an easy exit if necessary.

Explore the Uber app and take advantage of the Share trip status feature. This enables you to share all your information regarding your trip.

Your location, vehicle license number, driver name and photo are all able to be accessed through this feature. When you share with a family member or friend this helps them keep track of you.

The minute you start to feel uncomfortable during any point of your trip, be sure to end the ride. The Uber app has a built in emergency button that will connect you to 911. Another great part of the app is that it gives your location in real time and trip details that you can relay to the dispatcher.

Last but not least, you must show respect to the driver and any other passengers in the vehicle. This is an important element of Uber’s guidelines to guarantee a peaceful ride.

Generally speaking, Uber is safe for drivers and passengers. The Uber rating system is the main safety measure because it allows both drivers and passengers to get a rating of 1 to 5. To enhance safety, drivers and passengers alike can select people who have a high rating and many positive comments. Safety is a very real concern with not only ridesharing apps, like Uber, but throughout the ridesharing industry as a whole.

Contact a Philadelphia Uber Injury Attorney Today

Passengers want to get from point A to B point as safely, quickly and efficiently as possible. In the event that doesn’t happen, ridesharing companies will have a problem on their hands. If you ever experience a safety concern while in an Uber, end the ride immediately. You can contact a Philadelphia Uber injury attorney at Kwartler Manus to find out how you can be compensated for any damages you may have suffered. Contact our office online, or by phone at 267-457-5570 to schedule a complimentary consultation today.

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