Civil Claims in Sexual Assault Cases: How to Seek Justice in Full

Victims in sexual assault cases can and should seek full claims against their assailants both criminally and civilly if they choose to do so. If a survivor of sexual assault is in the midst of criminal charges against their abuser it does not stop them from also seeking civil charges against them as well. Sexual assault can lead to not only physical injury and pain for survivors but also immense amounts of emotional suffering and trauma that may affect them for the rest of their lives. Attorneys at Kwartler Manus LLC encourage survivors of sexual assault to seek full compensation for any injuries they may have sustained from the assault, both physical and mental, as well as any lost wages and hinderance to their quality of life that the assault may have led to.

The recovery process after a horrific crime such as sexual assault can be long and difficult and is very much a personal and intense process for the survivor to go through. This recovery process can be hard enough on its own, but especially so if financial burdens are at play. Perpetrators of sexual assault should not only be held criminally liable for emotional, mental, and physical trauma done to the victim but also completely financially liable for this pain any subsequent lost wages from the assault. This is obviously a very sensitive and personal matter, and survivors of sexual assault should not have to bare the burden of seeking civil and criminal charges against their abuser all by themselves. Personal injury attorneys at Kwartler Manus LLC are dedicated to helping survivors of sexual assault seek the full financial compensation that they are entitled to in order to aid in their overall recovery process.

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