How to Prepare for Your NEC Baby Formula Consultation

Any parent who is considering filing a NEC baby formula claim is able to request a free consultation with Kwartler Manus. With this consultation, you are in no way obligated to move forward or have the attorney represent your case. On the other hand, though, the discussion with an experienced lawyer can answer any of your lingering claim questions. The overall objective is to protect your rights and explore all your family’s legal options.

Once you contact us either by phone, email, or submitting a form on our website you might be wondering what happens next in this process? We have outlined a guide to assist parents so they know exactly what they can expect.

An Initial Phone Call

You will first receive an email to schedule a phone call during regular business hours on a weekday. In order to be properly prepared for this call, we advise you to write down every detail you can remember about your infant’s medical treatment. Having all your documents organized and ready on hand is very helpful.

Complete the Required Paperwork

After that, you will receive paperwork to e-sign for KM attorneys to move forward with your case. The more prompt you are with signing and returning these documents, the faster KM attorneys can begin working on your case. When the forms are returned to us, your lawyer can order full copies of your child’s medical records. This sets up your potential case. Time is very limited to file a claim, so we strongly suggest signing and returning those forms as soon as possible.

Medical Records Request

Leave it to our office to request your child’s medical records. Expect the records to arrive at your home on a CD. Once you have the CD in your possession you will then need to mail the records to our office. A prompt response with all your records and passwords is important since it can take a significant amount of time to review the medical history.

You can keep a lookout for a welcome packet, long form questionnaire, and self-addressed stamped envelope. Your cooperation in completing the questionnaire, placing it in the envelope and waiting for the record disks to arrive is of the utmost importance.

All the medical records should arrive at your home within 30 days of speaking to our office. When you are sure you have all the disks, place them in a stamped envelope with the long form questionnaire as well. You can drop the envelope off at your nearest post office.

When KM Law Firm receives your child’s medical records we will thoroughly review your case. We have exceptional and trained staff to analyze details that will aid in helping build your claim.

How We Handle Communication

Parents can expect calls, emails, texts, or mail as needed from our offices just so we are confident we have all the details. Try to respond in a timely manner if possible to our inquires. That way we can effectively represent you and your case. You will never have to worry about the information you share with our attorneys. Every detail pertaining to your claim is and remains completely confidential.

Lastly, you want to avoid talking about your NEC baby formula claim with insurance companies or anyone else besides us at Kwartler Manus. Be cautious as well with friends and family because even talking with them about your case can leave a negative impact.

Call Kwartler Manus Today

Parents are always encouraged to make a list of all healthcare providers involved in your infant’s case too. Writing down a summary of events that can form the basis of your NEC case is extremely helpful for our team. You are free to print out and gather any correspondences you believe may support your claim as well as make a list of questions to ask your attorney. That way you can better decide how to move forward.

If you would like to request a free consultation, please be sure to contact Kwartler Manus today at 267-457-5570.

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