How to File a Toxic Baby Heavy Metal Food Lawsuit

When presented with a situation that involves your baby’s health what would you do? How would you handle it? There have been known cases in which babies were diagnosed with an illness because of the food they ate contained heavy metal poisoning. As a parent, you may want to take legal action but aren’t entirely sure what to do next. To file a toxic food heavy metal lawsuit consult with a Philadelphia NEC attorney at Kwartler Manus. Our experts are aware of all FDA guidelines and are here to help parents understand dealing with and reduce the number of heavy metals present in their infant’s diets.

Toxic Heavy Metals in Baby Food

These metals are found in the environment and are harmful to both humans and animals. The most common include, arsenic, lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury, thallium, beryllium, and nickel. The levels of heavy metals in baby food vary but nonetheless affects a child’s health. This holds even more true if the baby is exposed to toxic levels of lead, arsenic and mercury.

Parents who believe that their babies have been exposed to toxic levels of heavy lead from baby food may be eligible to file a lawsuit. Most toxic heavy metals are found in paint, certain foods, like dairy products and plastic. If any of these substances have harmed your baby it is vital to file a lawsuit as soon as possible. That way, you ensure the manufacturer is held accountable.

How to File a Lawsuit

The process in which to file a toxic baby heavy metal food lawsuit is a complex process that requires time, effort and an experienced attorney. If your baby has either been hospitalized, suffered negative health effects or been harmed due to consuming toxic heavy metals in their food, you can talk to a baby food lawyer to seek justice. If you feel so inclined to you can file with the FDA to see if they take action too. If not, filing with your state’s department of health or federal government are options as well. Overall, there are several steps to follow whenever you file a toxic baby food heavy metal lawsuit.

First, you don’t ever want to wait for someone else to file lawsuits on your behalf of your child. You need to contact the FDA and the company responsible for manufacturing the product. This is due to the fact that they are both legally obligated to ensure the products meet certain safety standards.

Next, you want to consult with a Philadelphia NEC attorney at Kwartler Manus. If something goes wrong with a product, it is up to the manufacturer to make amends. Look to see if you can file a lawsuit against the manufacturer. Your baby’s health care provider may also be able to assist you along with an attorney.

The worst nightmare for any parent is to find out that their baby has been consuming food made with lead. Lead is extremely toxic and the FDA mandates that all food manufacturers to list if there are any levels of lead in the product on a warning label. Companies that neglect to do so, may have a lawsuit on their hands.

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