Frequently Asked Questions About NEC

If your baby was born prematurely, weighing less than or equal to 2-3 pounds you need to be extra cautious with feeding. Should you notice that your baby is or has developed NEC while using a baby formula like Similac or Enfamil, you could very well be eligible for compensation. KM attorneys provide a free no-obligation NEC formula lawsuit case evaluation. There are no attorney fees unless you successfully receive compensation. KM makes it clear that you are under no obligation to commit to us after your initial consultation either.

To better help, our clients the law offices of KM want to ensure as much knowledge is communicated with parents. KM lawyers support, fight and guide every one of our clients along the way. Our attorneys understand that parents may have a plethora of questions so we took the initiative to offer some answers and explanations to the most frequently asked questions as it pertains to NEC.

Who can make a necrotizing enterocolitis claim or file an NEC formula lawsuit?

Any parent or family member of a baby who has fallen victim to NEC while taking Similac Special Care, Enfamil Human Milk Fortifier, and Enfamil NeuroPro EnfaCare Infant formula. Preemies or low birth weight infants are highly susceptible to NEC because their intestines are not fully developed yet. This leaves the baby at a high risk of developing inflammation in the intestines which could lead to other serious health problems or even death.

What does it cost to file an NEC lawsuit?

At KM Law Firm, it is our rightful duty to represent anyone who has been involved with an NEC experience. Our course of action begins by addressing that there are never any legal fees unless we successfully win the case. One of the most effective ways to access a free, no-obligation consultation is to call us directly or fill out and submit the form on our website. We provide you with one of our best lawyers in handling baby formula lawsuits for NEC. KM attorneys make a point to contact you to answer any of your questions.

How much time do I have to file an NEC formula lawsuit?

When it comes to lawsuits, many states have a time limit on when you can file a claim. However, most families with an infant who developed NEC from formula tend to fall within the time limits only if an attorney is contacted as soon as possible. To find out a specific time limit for your claim, visit our website or call us and one of our lawyers will directly speak with you on the best course of action to take.

Who is most at risk for developing NEC from the baby formula?

Many findings and data have indicated that babies that are the most susceptible to NEC are premature infants born before the 36th week of gestation and low birth weight infants. The use of infant formula for nutritional purposes actually doubles the risk of developing NEC. Further research suggests that babies who are fed human breast milk are much less likely to develop NEC. There is always a chance that a full-term baby falls victim to NEC, but it is rare and almost always linked to another health problem.

Do we really need to file a lawsuit?

In the event that a family member suffered severe injury or health problems due to a defective product or long-term and life-threatening conditions, medical care will be required. Due to this, it becomes incredibly expensive since medical costs are continuously rising. In an even more unfortunate situation where your baby passed away due to NEC, there is no amount of money that can reverse that wrong.

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