Hazards in Malls That Can Lead to Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can be a traumatizing experience especially if it occurred in a crowded public area like a mall. When you are overwhelmed or embarrassed you aren’t too quick to get treatment or you might be improperly cared for by a good samaritan who just wanted to help. Dealing with a slip and fall that happens as a result of negligence can lead to lawsuits for compensation that you rightfully deserve.

Malls are one spot where slip and fall accidents happen at any given time. This is because there are usually a lot of people in a mall and accidents occur for a number of reasons. Should you ever be injured in a slip and fall accident you need to consider taking legal action against the property owner or management. You need not worry though, since our KM attorneys are highly skilled and qualified to handle your claim.

Mall Slip and Fall Accidents

Due to the fact that malls are large places there are many opportunities for accidents. In most cases, victims will not take further action because they were not injured or simply wish to get on with their day. Slip and falls can happen due to other people like kids playing and bumping into someone and causing them to fall.

Someone else may briefly put their shopping bags down to check phone messages only for another person to trip and fall over the bag. Of course, there are plenty of other ways a slip and fall can happen at the mall that is blamed on the improper care of the property owner. Hazards in malls that lead to slip and falls include the following.

Wet Floors

You don’t tend to see workers cleaning floors during normal business hours. What you may see is a worker cleaning if there was a spill or leak though. Floors can be mopped and a hazard sign can be placed in the area to warn others that the floor may be wet. This is where it is vital for mall customers to pay attention to signage but remember if a worker forgets to place one it could be dangerous.

Escalator Accidents

Since escalators are present in every mall customers need to watch themselves when embarking on one. The slightly raised lips at the bottom of each escalator are reason enough for one to trip. Meanwhile, it is quite possible to get shoelaces, pant legs, animal leashes, or a purse strap caught in an escalator which would cause you to fall over too.

Merchandise in Aisles

While you shop you will notice that the common areas of the mall are usually free from merchandise for safe walking. Sometimes there are stands and shops that have employees stocking which would mean merchandise is scattered about. This could cause a problem for employers.

Food Court Accidents

Larger malls will have food courts with different establishments that offer all kinds of foods. Given that no one is perfect, spills are bound to happen. It is when spills are not cleaned up in a timely manner when issues can arise.

Parking Lot and Structure Accidents

It may not be common knowledge but parking lots are a part of mall property so mall management is responsible for maintaining the lots. Cracks, raised sidewalks, broken stairs, or other issues can and will pose a danger to customers. If someone falls and is injured the mall may face negligent claims against them.

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