How Can a Personal Injury Attorney Help Me if I Used Elmiron?

Personal injury lawyers are meant to help you in the case that you experience physical or psychological injury as a result of a person, organization, government agency, or other systems. In the case of Elmiron, a personal injury lawyer may be able to help you if you have been diagnosed with Vision Damage as a direct result of taking the medication.

In June of 2020, the maker of Elmiron, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, updated it’d product labeling warning of vision problems associated with the drug. The label now has warnings that Elmiron can cause:

  • Changes in the pigmentation of the Retina
  • Blurred vision
  • Reading problems
  • Sensitivity to low light

The new labeling now states that a patient’s vision may even continue to worsen once they’ve stopped taking Elmiron, and also recommends that patients who have been prescribed the medication have their eyesight checked regularly by their physician.While these warnings are extremely helpful information for future Elmiron users, it unfortunately comes too late for many who are already experiencing the drug’s side effects; as these changes may be irreversible.

What legal action can I take if I’ve been affected?

If the vision damage can be directly linked to the continued use of Elmiron, there are ways in which you can seek justice.A woman from Nevada filed a complaint against Johnson & Johnson along with its subsidiary, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, on May 4, 2020. She is alleging that their product (Elmiron) caused her to develop Maculopathy, a retinal disease.

Having used the drug since 2012, this woman has faced chronic exposure to the medication. Her complaint states that she began experiencing vision deterioration six years into taking Elmiron.

What do I have to prove to receive compensation?

There are a few things that a personal injury lawyer will be tasked with proving upon filing the lawsuit in order for your case to be viable. They are:

  1. There must be proof that you took Elmiron for a prolonged period of time
  2. There must be proof that you have been diagnosed with vision damage
  3. There must be proof that these two instances are linked

The first two are fairly simple to provide evidence for. A prescription or proof of purchase that covers a length of time should suffice for proof that you took the medication. A record of your diagnosis should be in your medical file for easy access as well. Consult your healthcare providers for both of these pieces of information.

The hardest part of an Elmiron case is proving that there is an undeniable correlation between the medication and your medical diagnosis. While there is ample evidence linking prescription Elmiron and vision damage, it is harder to prove that it is the cause in one specific instance. Causation can be determined depending on how much Elmiron you consumed and over what period of time.

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