What Type of Settlement Can be Estimated in a Hair Straightener Lawsuit

Calculating your settlement is premature since it has only been a few months since the lawsuit has begun rolling, and we are still in the beginning stages. Many factors will contribute to your outcome, including individual health, age, and if the claim was settled at trial or before. However, many Delaware mass tort lawyers are gearing up for the fight because the preliminary evidence looks strong. Keeping these facts in mind, we can make some initial assumptions on the range of these lawsuits, which can be between $300,00 and $1.7 million. You must speak to Kwartler Manus, LLC, to determine how much you could receive.

The financial and psychological impact

Cancer causes physical, emotional, and psychological harm. There are financial implications with your treatment and your inability to work. You must file a claim to recover compensation for these expenses. Some of the women who have filed chemical hair straightener lawsuits have shared their experience and the financial impact on tier life, including:

  • Extensive medical treatments to cure and survive these diseases
  • Treatments to stop the spread of the cancer
  • Chronic pain from treatments and disease progression
  • Inability to work
  • Time off work for medical treatments
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of fertility
  • An increased likelihood of developing other cancers like colon or breast cancer

Losing friendships and relationships is another burden women face when they are suffering. Often this extensive treatment impedes them from having a social life, and their inability to have children affects their romantic life. These consequences are unimaginable and challenging to calculate.

Seeking compensation

Many topics fall under the personal injury umbrella, and hair relaxer lawsuits are product liability issues. Manufacturers must ensure their products are safe for consumers and warn of hazards. There are three types of product defects on which you can base a product liability lawsuit:

  • Design flaw: errors during the creation of the product
  • Packaging flaws: labeling instructions, product warnings, and more
  • Manufacturing flaws: errors during the manufacturing process, like adding the wrong ingredients

The hair relaxer lawsuits have elements of each of these negligent actions, and the more evidence we can find, the higher the chance of winning. 

Past uterine cancer settlements

It will take some time to resolve these cases, and it is uncertain what the payouts will be. However, we can look at past settlements and verdicts for cases involving uterine cancer and other similar conditions. These are true statements, but it is still speculative what your payout will be from a hair straightener mass tort lawsuit. Some of these examples are medical malpractice, and the hair relaxer lawsuit is a product liability; however, some examples include:

  • $1.8 million in Illinois for a 41-year-old plaintiff
  • $500,000 in Washington for a 71-year-old plaintiff
  • $430,000 in Minnesota for a 60-year-old patient
  • $1.75 million in Massachusetts for a 52-year-old plaintiff
  • $600,00 in New York for a 35-year-old patient

Your age, medical prognosis, and lifestyle changes determine your uterine cancer settlement from a hair relaxer treatment. You will need to discuss your options with a Delaware hair straightener mass tort lawyer who can quantify your damages.

Injuries are permanent

The hair straightener lawsuit will likely lead to high payouts, especially for younger plaintiffs. Uterine cancer causes infertility, and there is nothing you can do to fix that, no matter how much treatment you receive. Cancer is irreversible, and you cannot allow these hair relaxer manufacturers to walk away from consequences after you are left suffering for the rest of your life. Since your life is forever changed, you need compensation that factors in your longevity and future. You cannot have a settlement amount that only considers your past medical treatment. These injuries are permanent, and a settlement must account for that.

Kwartler Manus, LLC holds the product manufacturer liable.

Kwartler Manus, LLC has a history of mass tort and class action lawsuits. We hold negligent manufacturers responsible for their actions and obtain compensation for the victims who suffer at their hands. Our Delaware mass tort lawyer is gearing up to spend substantial time helping victims of the chemical hair straightener fiasco. Call the Kwartler Manus, LLC office for a case evaluation today.

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