Trampoline Parks: Potential for Personal Injury Compensation

Trampoline parks offer a fun activity for kids and adults alike, however there is more and more evidence coming out that these facilities are more dangerous than one might think. These trampoline park companies, such as Sky Zone, Altitude, and Launch, are oftentimes poorly regulated and poorly built. Many users, especially young children are unaware of the hard metal between trampolines because of the padding that is used to cover their frame, oftentimes resulting in painful injuries.

ABC6 Philadelphia reporter Chad Pradelli investigated the dangers of trampoline parks in 2019 and found that injuries in these parks are actually fairly common. Among these sustained injuries were fractured ankles, broken femurs, brain injuries and a severed foot, showing that these injuries can end up being quite severe in some cases. The action news investigation found over three hundred 911 dispatch calls from 14 trampoline parks in the Delaware Valley area between 2015 and mid-2018.

Many companies make users sign liability waivers that many think fully prevent them from seeking any claims for injuries they might have sustained at their parks, however depending on the circumstances and severity of the injury that is not the case. It is best to discuss your case with a personal injury lawyer to find out the full potential for compensation.

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