Can I File a Premises Liability Lawsuit Against a Big Box Retail Store for an Injury?

If a shopper is injured at a big box store, most of the time they might be unsure how to seek compensation for their medical bills or any other damages. They need to know that a claims representative can work with them to recover damages. If, though, they suffer an injury as a result of another customer, the shopper will need the assistance of a personal injury attorney to file a lawsuit, especially if the store is being sued.

Document the Incident

Many big box stores have internal procedures for documenting an injury. This process involves collecting information that outlines or describes how the injury happened with the most detail. With any injury, the victim should seek immediate medical attention for care before dealing with the company. It isn’t uncommon for a slip and fall injury to occur, but they have a complex reputation.

Victims injured in a car accident also have the ability to file a claim if injuries sustained are a direct result of a driver employed by the big box company. Defective products from a big box company that causes harm also serve as a means for a lawsuit.

Hazards That Lead to Premises Liability Claims

Whenever an individual is injured in a big box store, they have every right to file a lawsuit against the company even more so if the organization failed to properly identify the hazard. There are attorneys who specialize in premises liability lawsuits that can help with negotiating to reach a settlement without going to court. In the event the business does not settle, the premises liability attorney can take the case to court. It is the responsibility of the attorney to seek compensation for all damages their injured client sustained while at the big box store.

Some of the most common causes of accidents in a big box store look like:

  • Puddles from rain or snow
  • Garbage
  • Debris
  • Slippery mats
  • Merchandise falling from shelves
  • Improper use of heavy equipment
  • Spilled liquids
  • Mopped or polished floors
  • Poorly maintained parking lots or pathways
  • Improperly designed stairs
  • Cluttered aisles
  • Broken handrails

Common Premises Liability Injuries

As a result of these causes the injuries sustained could be among the following:

  • Broken bones
  • Neck injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Cuts, bruises, and abrasions
  • Fractured skulls
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Internal organ damage
  • Internal bleeding
  • Soft tissue injuries

Steps to Take if Injured in a Philadelphia Big Box Store

Once you experience any of the above you need to follow certain steps in order to protect your rights when pursuing compensation.

First, you want to notify a store manager. The business will need to create an incident report to send to their insurance company. Request a copy for your own records as well. It is important that you do not leave the store until the appropriate measures are taken by a manager in filling out the report.

Then, you should seek medical care. If injuries are severe, you may need to call 911 for emergency treatment. If injuries are minor, you should still seek treatment from a doctor. There are certain injuries that take days or weeks to finally appear. Following up if you notice new and any worsening symptoms could save your life. Don’t hesitate or delay in getting medical help right away.

This one might sound obvious, but nonetheless still needs to be mentioned. Refrain from saying too much. What this means is that many people who are injured after an accident tend to say that they are fine, even if they truly are not. When the adrenaline begins to wear off, most people start to notice pain from the accident. Be careful because if a store employee or witness hears you say that you are fine they could use your statements against you in the report.

Lastly, you want to identify any witnesses that were around and take documentation of the scene of the accident. All of these elements could serve as crucial evidence in your case. You want to do everything in your power to increase your chances of securing financial compensation for your injuries.

Call Kwartler Manus Today

Injured in an accident at a big box retail store in Philadelphia? The experienced premises liability attorneys at Kwartler Manus hold stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, CVS, and Kohl’s liable for your injuries. Call our office at 267-457-5570 to schedule a consultation today.

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