Injured in a Grocery Store Slip and Fall; Take These Next Steps

After any slip and fall in a grocery store, the most important two areas to protect are health and the ability to seek compensation. There have been plenty of times though, that store owners or managers try to get the victim to admit the fall was an accident or even have the insurance company contact the injured person.

The best line of defense for the victim is to not discuss the matter at all with the insurer, refrain from signing any paperwork or agree to anything unless an attorney has been consulted and willing to represent the case. Always keep documents secure, get medical help and reach out to a lawyer if seriously injured. A Philadelphia slip and fall attorney will help keep the victim safe from signing away their rights or speaking with an insurance company.

What to Do Following a Slip and Fall Accident

In fortunate situations, slip and fall accidents cause nothing more than a damaged ego. Other times, the consequences are life altering. Statistics report that falls result in roughly 8 million emergency room visits each year. This number represents nearly 11% of all occupational fatalities for men and 5% for women.

Filing a legal claim against a grocery store or any big retailer begins the moment a victim is injured. It is important to have the appropriate and correct information in order to take the steps in protecting the victim’s rights. This allows for the best chance of obtaining a fair settlement. The steps a victim should take are:

Start Documenting Immediately

The injured needs to look around as soon as they fall. If possible take photos of the spot where the injury occurred, the surround areas and anything that may have caused the accident. Obtaining the contact information of any witnesses is vital. Be sure to write down everything that pertains to the fall quickly. This includes the time, location and any other details.

Report the Incident

It is imperative that you report the fall and injury to the grocery store manager or owner. Inquire that they create a written incident report and request a copy. Ask that an incident report be created and request a copy for your records. Get all the names and contact information of the manager or individual you spoke to but refrain from getting into a conversation about the accident.

Do not stray away from the facts of the claim. There are many grocery store managers who will try to minimize the injury or imply that you caused the fall. Get all the evidence to the best of your ability. This ensures that the store is accountable and not you, for the accident and injuries.

Seek Medical Help as Soon as Possible

Whether or not you suspect your injuries are minor, medical evaluations have never been more important. There are some injuries that do not have immediate or obvious symptoms but still require treatment. Most head injuries are fatal. In fact, in 2019 alone, there were 61,000 head injury fatalities in the United States. Head injures are extremely common but oftentimes result in permanent disabilities or even death. Don’t ever delay medical attention. It could save your life.

Contact a Lawyer

An attorney will tell you whether or not you have a legitimate case on your hands. They will work with you to help seek compensation for your losses.

Call Kwartler Manus After a Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall injuries in any grocery store or any retail space can be quite scary and upsetting. Nevertheless, stay calm and try to gather all information that pertains to the accident and your injuries. These steps will no doubt help you and your attorney if you decide to pursue a lawsuit. Call the Philadelphia slip and fall accident attorneys at Kwartler Manus at 267-457-5570 to schedule a consultation today.

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