What Hazards Must Casinos Remove to Protect Visitors?

It is very easy to become overwhelmed and caught up in the atmosphere of a casino. Patrons are surrounded by bright lights, slot machines, and those lucky people who are celebrating their big winnings. Sometimes there is an opportunity to see great shows and alcohol is flowing pretty freely. The purpose of a casino is to be fun and exciting. As with anything though, that doesn’t always mean casinos are completely free from accidents and potential hazards.

Slip and Fall Accidents at Casinos

Casino accidents happen all the time. For example, one woman filed a claim against a casino after she slipped and fell at the casino’s restaurant. She suggests that the casino failed to exercise reasonable care in keeping the floor clean and free from slipping hazards. This raises the question about casinos and what hazards are they required to remove in order to effectively protect patrons.

In the example above, the casino is responsible for removing a slip and fall hazard, that is if the owner or the employees are aware of it. If anyone employed by the casino is made aware of the slippery situation and failed to do anything about it, then the casino is held accountable for the patron’s injuries. Casinos must ensure that all slipping hazards are removed and maintained to help protect guests.

Other areas that casinos are supposed to remove or make amends to include bag lighting, a lack of maintenance, food poisoning, and negligent security.

If a light burns out and the casino does not replace it or if an area is poorly lit, to begin with, patrons may not be able to see what is in front of them which will cause injuries. There could be a spilled beverage on the floor, uneven surfaces or other dangerous conditions that had the proper lighting been in place could have been avoided. Casinos have a duty to make sure the lighting is adequate and hazards are clearly marked.

Lack of Maintenance Accidents at Casinos

Lack of maintenance includes broken chairs, loose handrails, or the static buildup of a faulty slot machine that can cause injuries to guests. It is the casino’s responsibility to stay up to date on their equipment and perform regular inspections to prevent anyone from sprains, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and electrocution.

Casinos sometimes consist of restaurants with delectable food options. For a guest to treat themselves at the casino’s restaurant can be one of the most enjoyable moments. What has the potential of happening is the meal can quickly turn sour. Once food has been left out for too long, stored in unsanitary conditions, or handled by employees who don’t adhere to cleanliness procedures in place, food can become unsafe to eat. The patrons who unknowingly eat spoiled food put their health at risk. Casino’s are supposed to protect visitors from any type of food poisoning situation by following the proper safety and cleanliness standards in place.

Lack of Security at Casinos

Since casino patrons will likely carry large amounts of cash on them, areas inside and outside the casino need to be monitored heavily. Pickpockets and muggers have a tendency to hang around a casino in the hopes of claiming their next victim and taking all their money. If someone is attacked or robbed outside the casino, obviously the suspect is responsible for any injuries and financial loss but the casino may be liable for failure to provide enough security on the premise.

An example might be if you were attacked in a casino’s parking garage and the casino was aware that other people had been attacked in the same spot but failed to install security cameras or staff the area it might be at least somewhat to blame.

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