Common Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident Injuries

It is obvious that motorcycle riders are more exposed to hazardous elements than fellow drivers in vehicles. Due to this, riders have a greater probability of suffering from serious injuries or death if involved in an accident. Injuries range from minor to severe and in the worst-case scenarios death. Philadelphia motorcycle accident attorneys see certain injuries more so than others. The injuries motorcyclists suffer from as a direct result from an accident are:

Injuries to the Chest

Also known as thoracic injuries, which are common in accidents, and especially damaging to older riders. Fractures to the ribs and chest are the most frequent but broken ribs or internal damage to other organs cannot be ruled out.

Injuries to the Extremities

Any injury to the legs, ankles or feet consists of lower extremities. While arms, shoulder or other upper extremity injures constitute of anything above the abdomen. These types of injuries occur when the rider is bracing for impact and uses their arm as a shield or if their foot gets caught in the wheel spokes just to name a few.

Road Rash

When a rider is dragged along the ground and their skin scrapes away the individual has been subjected to road rash. This injury can be mild, moderate or severe. Road rash can get infected, so the victim needs to seek medical attention immediately. In serious cases, the victim may need a skin graft as a treatment option. Riders can protect themselves from road rash by wearing protective clothing such as leather or other heavy material pants and boots.

Head Injuries

Roughly 10%-50% of motorcycle accidents end with head injuries. This injury is also a common cause of death. Victims are more susceptible to head injuries in an accident if the collision is so impactful that it throws the rider off the bike. Victims may see a variety of injuries to the head like cuts, concussions and traumatic brain injuries.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

This is the worst injury an individual can get in a motorcycle accident. Severe and even moderate TBI can cause a personality change, create problems with speaking, memory and balance. Anyone with TBI will need long term medical treatment and rehabilitation. In more serious cases, TBI can put a victim into a coma or cause death.

Spinal Cord Injuries

This injury may accompany TBI. It is very seldom that spinal cord injuries are reversible or short term. Damage to this area of the body can result in paralysis. There is extensive medical treatment and substantial wage losses for the victim. A lawyer can help ease the financial costs and pain or suffering.

Neck injuries

The most notable neck injuries are whiplash and bone fractures.

Pelvic Injuries

Any injury to the pelvis can occur whenever a motorcycle hits an object and stops abruptly. When this happens, the rider is thrown against the fuel tank which can cause damage to the bladder or fracture the pelvis.

Injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident can and will alter the victim’s entire life. Between medical treatments, surgeries, medication, and rehabilitation the victim is already up against heavy bills. Then, when serious injuries are added, the victim’s way of living is generally never the same again. No matter what a victim is going through, pursuing a motorcycle accident injury claim is the best way to recover compensation for both expenses and any type of loss suffered that has affected their quality of life.

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