The Dangers of Wawa Convenience Stores

You might not think a gas station or convenience store would be dangerous. However, a quick trip for snacks or gas can quickly turn life-altering. People often assume nothing can be done if they fall in a parking lot or slip on spilled gas. The truth is that Wawa is liable for accidents resulting in personal injuries on their premises. There are a few exceptions. There are over 900 Wawa Convenience Stores nationwide. If you suffer an injury, it is best to speak to a local Wawa accident lawyer.

Potential Wawa accidents

Wawa has many different features. It is a gas station, convenience store, and sub shop. You can accomplish so much in one trip. It is also a preferred stop on road trips with so many offerings. One offering you want to avoid is a dangerous premise resulting in injuries. Some common accidents that occur in Wawa stores include:

  • Slip and falls
  • Car accidents
  • Wrongful death
  • Gasoline burns or explosions
  • Fires and electrical accidents
  • Assault

Wawa has procedures and policies to prevent these accidents from happening. However, a lapse in judgment or pure negligence can lead to customers suffering injuries. Wawa and other convenience stores are major businesses that have significant insurance policies. You might think it would be simple to get compensation from these policies. These insurers are trying to save money, not pay out claims. Talk to a Wawa injury attorney for legal options.

Slips and falls are common

The most common accidents are slips and falls. While policies require staff to monitor the premises, liquids and merchandise are often left in the path of customers. This causes them to trip or slip. One thing that most Wawa stores have is surveillance cameras. While they are primarily for loss prevention, they also benefit your personal injury claim.

However, since Wawa is the party that owns this footage, they might not be willing to share it. Your Wawa personal injury attorney can send a preservation letter so the footage is not deleted. It informs Wawa that you were injured and requests video footage of the incident. This video can sway the claim one way or the other. A slip and fall can happen within seconds. It can be due to a spilled liquid or lack of signage. Video and eyewitness testimony are essential as they are unbiased accounts of the incident.

Personal injury claims

Regardless of the type of injury you suffer at a Wawa, you have legal options. You can pursue compensation through a personal injury claim. This process involves filing an accident report and contacting Wawa’s insurance company. They will then review the case and decide whether to accept or deny a claim. Often, the insurance company will try to deny your case. They will lower it if they cannot find a way to do so.

You should work with a local Wawa personal injury lawyer to increase your chances of getting adequate compensation for your injuries. We will gather evidence and negotiate with them for more. We want to get you the payment for your case worth. Insurance companies will often only want to pay for past medical expenses. However, some injuries will require ongoing care. Victims should ensure they include past and future costs in their demands.

Pursuing compensation

Every case is unique and must be individually assessed. Monetary compensation will vary from person to person. What you can recover and from whom will vary based on many factors. Kwartler Manus, LLC has experienced calculating losses that Wawa injury victims suffer. We know there are numerous outcomes for your injuries. We also know that severe injuries can be life-altering. You can lose your job and financial foundation. Some of the potential types of compensation you can pursue include:

  • Medical bills
  • Property damages
  • Physical therapy
  • Hospitalizations
  • Disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Noneconomic damages

This is not an exhaustive list since each case has different potential recovery options. Let our Wawa injury lawyers assess your losses and fight for you. We will review all types of compensation you are eligible for and include it in your demand.

Kwartler Manus, LLC is here to help

Our Wawa personal injury lawyers know how challenging these cases are. That is why we are dedicated to fighting for our clients. We will negotiate with the insurance company and get you the maximum compensation possible. To get started on your injury case, call Kwartler Manus, LLC at (267) 996-9370 to schedule an initial consultation. Focus on your health while we focus on your financial recovery.

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