How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help When Injured Riding a Bicycle in Philadelphia

Whenever you or a loved one is injured in a bicycle accident, the damages can be devastating. That is why you need the professional help of a personal injury attorney in Philadelphia. It is obvious that one assumes the risk of injury when riding a bicycle due to the fact that bikes offer rides little to no protection on the road.

The state of Pennsylvania doesn’t require riders 12 years and older to wear a helmet. The failure to wear a helmet though drastically increases the risk of injury during an accident. Not wearing the proper head protection can also negatively influence the amount of compensation the victim is awarded in a personal injury case.

Bicycle Accidents

Accidents that involve other bicycles, people, or vehicles can cause injuries such as road rash, fractures or traumatic brain injuries. There are injuries so serious that riders may never be able to return to a bicycle. All these injuries are enough of a reason to file a personal injury claim because in the end, it may provide a source of financial support to help with medical expenses, lost income and more.

Among all the cities in the United States, Philadelphia ranks high on several lists regarding the friendliness of bicycle riding. In the city, it isn’t unusual for residents to ride their bikes to work or for recreation purposes. Bike paths are maintained fairly well and the city views are quite a sight. According to the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, the five most popular bike paths see roughly 167 riders per hour. However, with so many bikes and vehicles on the road, there is also a greater chance for accidents to occur.

Bicycle Accident Statistics

In years past, the state department of transportation received reports of nearly 1,282 accidents that involved bicycles. Roughly 16 people were killed during that same year of report findings. Victims should seek legal representation, or attorneys who specialize in traffic accidents. A dedicated legal team knows and understands the state and local laws that are in place for transportation and fight continuously for a victim’s compensation.

Succeeding in a Bicycle Accident Claim

A successful claim involves attorneys who have experience in handling these cases. Over time, lawyers have taken note of certain patterns in the different types of bicycle accidents in Philadelphia. Accidents happen more often during turns and high traffic areas. Some of the most common types of bicycle accidents include but are not limited to:

  • Accidents at intersections– it can be very confusing and challenging to navigate an intersection especially when there are other vehicles, people and bikes other than your own. Intersection accidents happen mostly when a passenger vehicle driver misjudges distance or simply does not see the bicycle rider. Left hand turns are usually the culprit and easily contribute to injuries.
  • Dooring accidents– riding along the road with parallel parked cars can increase the bicyclist’s chances of experiencing a dooring accident. This tends to happen when a driver opens their car door without looking behind them for oncoming bike riders. If a bicyclist is traveling at a high speed, they will not be able to stop in enough time to avoid colliding with the opened car door. In this situation, it is the vehicle owner who faces liability.
  • Cutoff accidents– an incident like this happens because a passenger vehicle driver is careless or malicious. Sharing the road with bicyclists can agitate some drivers, that doesn’t mean though that it should lead to acts of road rage. If a vehicle operator forces a bike off the road, whether accidentally or intentionally, it will cause serious and unavoidable injuries to the bicyclist.
  • Rider error-many accidents do involve negligent motor vehicle drivers, however, bicyclists may bear some liability in accident claims. Driving under the influence, while distracted or failure to follow the rules of the road are all contributing factors of an accident that the bicyclist will be held accountable for.

Contact Kwartler Manus in Philadelphia Today

During every bike accident claim, the plaintiff must be able to prove the defendant was acting negligently or maliciously which then resulted in the accident. The only way to increase your chances of receiving compensation is to contact a Philadelphia personal injury attorney. You can learn more about filing bike accident claims. Call Kwartler Manus at 267-457-5570 today to schedule a consultation.

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