Can Multiple Parties Be Held Responsible in a Philadelphia Home Depot Accident?

When you suffer an injury at Home Depot, you are left wondering who will pay for your damages and losses. The first reaction is Home depot, especially when there is a wet floor. There are some instances when another party can share responsibility. Home Depot is one of the US’s largest home improvement retailers, and the warehouse stores are full of hazards. When you speak with a Philadelphia Home Depot accident attorney, you will learn that the retailer does not handle its claims. They use Sedgwick Claims for premises liability lawsuits. Speaking with Kwartler Manus, LLC, is vital since we know how to work with Sedgwick and Home Depot.

Sedgwick Injury Claims

Sedgwick is an insurance claims company that handles workers’ compensation and personal injury claims for Home Depot and other retailers. While they will attempt to convince you that they care, they are trying to lower the chances that the claim will go far or there will be any public upset about an injury. Do not trust the adjuster because they do not care for your best interest, only the company they work for. If you speak to an adjuster, you should refer them to your Philadelphia Home Depot accident lawyer.

Remember, they will try to deny your claim, and you have the right to speak to a lawyer. You are not obligated to give Sedgwick a recorded statement and should not by any means. If you decide to handle a claim independently, checking out the reviews online and researching Sedgwick before committing to such an endeavor is best. Lastly, the company will not provide a copy of the incident report unless you file a lawsuit or hire a lawyer.

When is Home Depot Liable?

Home Depot is generally liable for injuries on the property due to a dangerous condition. You will need to prove there was an unreasonable danger, the business was aware of the condition and failed to warn patrons or address the situation. The final element is you suffer an injury due to the dangerous condition.

Employees must have special training to operate the machinery on the premises and know how to clean up spills and restock shelves. When they act negligently, Home Depot bears the responsibility. An employee is acting on behalf of the company; therefore, their lack of actions is a direct reflection of Home Depot.

Several underlying issues can be to blame when merchandise falls from a shelf. While overstocking or improperly stocking are usually to blame, sometimes the shelf has a defect. When the shelf has a defect, or the installer did not install it properly, some other parties can be responsible for your injuries. There is one occasion here Home Depot shares responsibility with another party. The shelf manufacturer or the installer is possibly a negligent party. Still, you will need to have a Home Depot accident lawyer in Philadelphia investigate the incident and determine who to file a lawsuit against.

What happens when an employee injures a customer?

Since employees work for Home Depot and are covered under the Respondeat Superior doctrine, the company must respond for its employees. The one caveat is the employee must be under the scope of employment when they cause an injury to a customer. If the employee is not within the scope of employment, Home Depot may not be the negligent party, and therefore you can have a different legal claim. Suppose the employee is off the clock but in uniform; when they cause an injury, they are not within the scope of employment, and Home Depot can argue they do not have any responsibility for their actions.

Talk to a Home Depot Accident Lawyer

Regardless of how you sustain an injury, you must speak with a Home Depot accident attorney. While Home Depot is the primary party you can file a lawsuit against, several other complexities can come into play. Your lawyer will need to prove the party who caused you harm owed you a duty of care, and by causing you harm, they breached that duty. Kwartler Manus, LLC, handles Home Depot accident cases; trust us with your case. Call our office today at (267) 457-5570 to schedule a consultation.

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