Headed to the Casinos This Winter? Be Wary of These Hazards

The casino is like a theme park for adults and when you go to the casino there are a number of activities available. There is the gambling floor but there are also restaurants, nightclubs, bars, and more. Thousands of guests visit the casino each day and with that many people on the property, accidents are bound to happen. If you are going to the casino this winter, there are some hazards you should be aware of.

Casino injuries can be complex especially because many casinos are on tribal land. When a casino is on tribal land, it is on sovereign territory and the tribe essentially makes the rules. This does not mean you are all out of options as some areas of the casino may have exempt immunity. You will need to contact a Philadelphia casino injury attorney to discuss your options.

Food poisoning

Casino resorts will often have a range of restaurants and room service options for guests. There are also fast food locations found within the casino. This means that thousands of people are eating the food each and every day. With this high number of meals being served, the chances of food poisoning are high. It can be caused by unsanitary conditions, food being left out for too long, or employees not using proper cleaning procedures. Food should be prepared safely and served to the patron in a timely manner so that food poisoning does not happen.

Broken slot machines

Over time, furniture and machines can experience wear and tear. This is often due to the high volume of usage. A casino is no different and their furniture and slot machines get a higher usage than most other businesses. It is important for casino staff to ensure that broken slot machines are not being used and are being called in for maintenance in a timely manner. If a machine or chair is broken they will need to place it out of order. If they do not this can lead to accidents and injuries for patrons. If you are injured from a broken slot machine or chair you will need the help of a Philadelphia casino injury attorney.


You may not think there is any way that you would suffer from a burn at a casino, but there are several. Hotel room appliances like irons, hairdryers, and coffee makers can be sources of burns. These amenities are often afforded to all hotel guests which means they are often used extensively. A burn can lead to permanent scarring and infections. It is crucial to seek medical attention immediately and contact a Philadelphia casino injury attorney right away.

Slip and fall accidents

Among the most common types of accidents at casinos are slips and falls. This kind of accident can happen in any part of the casino and is often caused by negligence on behalf of casino staff and management.

Shuttle bus injuries

Casinos are a big attraction for tourists and locals alike. They often partner with hotels to provide shuttle buses between the hotel and casino. There are also shuttles available from the airport. These vehicles are similar to any other vehicle on the road and accidents can happen if the bus driver is not careful. Passengers may also be at risk of falls if there are slippery steps, obstructions, or other hazards. Slippery steps are especially imminent during the winter, so always watch your step.


While casinos and resorts are attractive to guests, they are also attractive to thieves. While you may be there for a good time, criminals are on the hunt for their next victim. They may often go for a person whom they deem as weak or who is wearing flashy jewelry. Sometimes, it is simply a case of the wrong place at the wrong time. No matter the circumstances, you should be reasonably safe at a casino and they can be held liable if you are not.

Call a Philadelphia casino injury attorney today

If you have been injured at a casino, you will need a Philadelphia casino injury attorney to discuss your legal options. Call Kwartler Manus LLC at (267) 457-5570 to schedule a consultation today.

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