How to Protect Yourself and Your Dog from an Attack by Another Dog

Walking your dog does not only provide exercise for them but for yourself as well. You both are able to experience the great outdoors and get your steps in as well. You can explore the neighborhood and meet many of your neighbors. The last thing on your mind, however, is that another dog will attack you or your precious dog. Unfortunately, this happens more often than you may think. Here are some ways our Philadelphia dog bite attorney has found that can help you protect yourself from a dog attack.

Carry a spray bottle

You may already be doing this as you and your dog may get thirsty while on your walk. Carrying water is one of the easiest ways you may be able to protect yourself. When a dog or pack of dogs approaches you and your furry friend in an aggressive manner, you can squirt them with water. It is harmless but often acts as enough of a deterrent for the other dogs to disperse.

Firm commands

Sometimes all that is needed to prevent a dog attack is firm commands. You will need to have a steady voice and not show any fear. This trick may only be effective with dogs who have some sort of training and may not be effective on stray dogs. You can firmly shout commands such as:

  • Stop
  • Back
  • Off
  • Down
  • Come
  • No

They may not listen immediately but after a couple of tries, the danger may be averted. Even if the injuries are not as severe you may still need to contact a Philadelphia dog bite attorney to explore your legal options.

Walking stick or cane

While you may not have access to or the need for one of these items, for those who do this can be a life saver. This is especially true for the elderly. If a dog attacks you or your dog, your first and only defense may be your walking stick or cane. You may have to use the stick to defend yourself and physically stop the attacking dog from causing injury to you and your dog. This may not always work as some dogs will not be willing to let go of their grasp.

Wear a whistle

Dogs have very sensitive ears and what may not bother us much can actually be very harmful to them. Whistles are one of those items that dogs will often pay attention to. The sound can often disrupt them and cause them to stop what they are doing to deal with the noise in their ears. Wearing a whistle on your walks can help protect you if a dog attack occurs.

Carry treats

Every dog loves treats and this may be the saving grace during an imminent dog attack. Often the smell of a treat will stop a dog in its tracks and pivot its attention to where the sweet and savory smell is coming from. However, be careful as some dogs will do anything to get to a treat. Once you know you have the dog’s attention throw the treat in a direction away from you and scurry out of danger.

Watch where you walk

You may have noticed that your dog can be very protective of you and your home. All dogs are very territorial and when a stranger or unknown dog walks by, they may see this as a threat and try to attack. When it comes to protecting their family, a dog will go to great lengths. So while you think that the tall fence is enough protection between you and the other dog, it may not be.

If you know there is a dangerous dog or a dog you are scared of, try to avoid walking in front of the house they live in. Try walking on the other side of the street or taking a different route to avoid the house entirely. If you are attacked by a dog, you will need a Philadelphia dog bite attorney.

Call a Philadelphia dog bite attorney today

If you have been attacked by a dog you will need to contact Kwartler Manus LLC at (267) 457-5570 to discuss your case with a Philadelphia dog bite attorney today.

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