Can a Parent Sue if a Child Suffered a Slip and Fall Injury at School?

Every day in public and private schools, kids are injured and end up in the emergency room. A majority of those hospital visits for kids circles back to fall injuries. Studies have shown that more than 200,000 kids under the age of 14 suffer traumatic brain injuries while at school. Parents have every right to expect and know that their child is safe in school.

However, accidents at school are bound to happen and it is up to school administrators and teachers alike to prevent accidents and injuries. The experienced Philadelphia slip and fall accident attorneys at Kwartler Manus will fight for your right to compensation.

Filing a Claim Against a School for Slip and Fall Injuries

If a child is injured while in school, parents can sue and seek compensation. With each child, comes a unique circumstance leading to a school injury. Details tend to vary, but some of the most common causes of child injuries at school are:

  • Slip and Fall: the leading cause of physical injuries to children in school. Reasons for this can be poor weather conditions; ice and snow, broken or missing handrails on stairs, slippery floors, falling from bleacher seating, etc.
  • Playground injuries-usually occur due to a lack of adult supervision, poorly maintained grounds and faulty equipment.
  • Sports injuries: one always assumes the risk of physical injuries when it comes to sports. It is when your child is inadequately coached, supervision is minimal to nonexistent and equipment is poorly maintained where the school becomes liable.
  • Fights: data suggests that one out of four students report being in a fight on school property, at functions or while traveling to and from school.
  • Bullies: the ages of kids don’t matter in this regard because the physical, psychological and emotional injuries sustained from bullies at school can have lasting impacts on victims.
  • Food poisoning: food that was improperly stored, prepared or contaminated may cause children to get sick in which case the school is liable.
  • Disasters: schools may also be responsible for kids injured due to a lack of planning and failure to implement emergency practices.
  • School bus accidents: accidents caused by driver error, inadequate training or even malfunctioning buses are enough of a reason to sue the school for a child’s injuries
  • Exposure to toxins: older buildings with asbestos or lead still around is a hazard to the health of everyone in a school. If a school fails to remove the dangerous substances or prevent kids from using the toxic building, there will likely be a claim.

Courts have placed a legal duty of care or obligation for teachers and administrators to adhere to in order to ensure the safety of students. Any duty of care means that schools are bound to do everything reasonably possible to protect students from any harm, injury or death.

Dangerous conditions must be eliminated by authorities in a timely manner to ensure students receive quality supervision.

If you are under the impression that your child’s injury was due to school negligence, in order to file a claim you must provide evidence. Included in your evidence is the proof that the school failed to repair or eliminate a dangerous condition. As a parent or guardian, take pictures, check security footage and collect witness statements.

Speak to a Philadelphia Slip and Fall Accident Attorney Today

The way in which you go about seeking compensation for your child’s damages will depend entirely on the school district and if your child was injured in a public or private school. For further information on filing a school injury claim, contact a Philadelphia slip and fall accident attorney at Kwartler Manus. Call our office at 267-457-5570, or complete a contact form to schedule a complimentary consultation today. Your child may be eligible for compensation due to loss and damages.

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