Can I Sue for Damages if Injured in a Lyft Accident?

When you or someone you know is involved in a Lyft accident one of the first questions one might think about is if you can sue Lyft to obtain full compensation for the injuries sustained. The possible types of cases that tend to arise along with any damages you may be entitled to are discussed in detail by one of the experienced Philadelphia Lyft accident attorneys at Kwartler Manus. Even if the Lyft driver was not at fault for the accident, you as a passenger may still be entitled to receive compensation.

Do Lyft Drivers Carry Insurance?

Another question one might begin to think about is if Lyft drivers are obligated to carry insurance and whether to sue Lyft, the driver or both. Our team is skilled in answering these questions and are proud to assist you as the legalities can become more complicated once Lyft’s liability is brought to light when another driver was at fault.

If you have been involved in a ridesharing accident, you might have been injured as either:

  • A passenger
  • Driving or riding in another vehicle hit by the Lyft
  • A pedestrian, motorcyclist or bicyclist hit by the Lyft

As the victim you are responsible for providing some form of proof that there was negligence in order to file a claim. It goes across the board with any car accident that the individual bringing forth the claim must be able to prove who was at fault- liability and how badly you were injured-damages.

It doesn’t matter if the Lyft driver was primarily at fault, it may still be tough to recover compensation from the driver if they only have personal auto insurance. In most cases, personal auto insurance policies do not provide coverage when a driver is a part of a commercial operation.

Commercial operation includes giving passengers rides through Lyft. As a result of this, Lyft and other ridesharing companies must carry 1 million dollars of insurance for death, personal injury and property damages. This amount will cover claims that arise from the Lyft driver’s use of a vehicle the moment they accept a ride request through the completed transaction on the app or until the ride is completed.

In the event that the Lyft driver caused an accident during the time they were available between trips, the company must offer insurance but at a much lower amount. For this special type of situation, the personal auto insurance of the driver will most likely cover costs.

Injured Due to a Reckless Lyft Driver

If you have been injured due to reckless driving of another vehicle, not the Lyft driver, while you are a passenger or the driver of the Lyft ride you may be able to bring a claim against the third party driver at fault.

Damages that you can recover in a Lyft accident vary but generally focus on:

  • Past and future physical pain, suffering, mental anguish and physical impairment
  • Past and future medical, hospital, rehabilitation, disability and other health related expenses
  • Past economic losses such as lost wages, salary or income and property damages
  • Loss of future income due to any long term disability and permanent diminished earnings capacity
  • Wrongful death when the lawsuit is brought forth by the family of the loved one who passed away

Call Kwartler Manus Today

The experienced Philadelphia Lyft accident attorneys represent clients injured in Lyft accidents and help acquire full compensation that each victim is entitled to by law. We charge no fees unless we obtain your recovery first. If you were injured in a Philadelphia Lyft accident, regardless of who is at fault, contact us online or by phone at 267-457-5570 to schedule a complimentary consultation today. You shouldn’t have to suffer in silence, so let us support and fight for you.

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