Do I Have a Case Against Hair Straightener Manufacturers?

Recent findings suggest that chemical hair straighteners are causing individuals who use them to suffer debilitating injuries like cancer and fibroids. In a product liability lawsuit, injury victims allege that L’oreal and other manufacturers use chemicals in these products that cause uterine cancer. The beginning of 2023 will determine whether these lawsuits will become class action cases. The thousands of potential lawsuits will likely be consolidated into an MDL; even so, you need to determine if you have a case by speaking to our Delaware mass tort lawyer.

Have you used a chemical hair straightener?

All hair, regardless of ethnicity, shares a similar molecular structure and chemical makeup. Primarily women with curly hair will use different techniques to style their hair. One popular method is getting a perm that relaxes, flattens, and straightens your hair. Hair relaxers have a high pH with solid alkali, and a treatment specialist will apply the relaxer to the base of the hair. After the relaxer marinates, the relaxer changes your hair’s texture until the hair begins to grow out. Your hair is straight for four to eight weeks, and you go back for regular touch-ups as your hair grows.

Many individuals will return for re-touches for decades consistently putting these harsh chemicals into their hair. The chemicals not only straighten the hair but also attack the protein structure, which can harm you in the long run. If you used chemical hair straighteners from these brands, you likely suffered exposure to detrimental chemicals and can file a lawsuit:

● Namaste Laboratories, LLC (a subsidiary of Dabur Ltd.)
● L’Oreal and their subsidiaries: Dark & Lovely, Optimum, Softsheen-Carson, Inc, and more
● Strength of Nature, LLC manufacturer Just for Me and Motions

The lawsuits are not exclusive to these brands, as many others manufacture these hair treatment serums. You must speak to a Delaware hair straighter mass tort lawyer to determine if your brand of hair treatment can lead to legal action.

Do you suffer from these conditions?

Cancer is the leading illness in chemical hair straightener lawsuits, but there are other injuries victims suffer. Uterine cancer directly results from phthalate, which is found in hair relaxers and perms. Uterine cancer is very complex because there are two types: sarcoma and endometrial. Sarcoma is harder to treat because it progresses aggressively. Endometrial cancer is common and highly treatable. About 65,000 new endometrial cancer cases occur yearly, with 12,500 women dying annually.

Breast cancer is another common type of cancer from hair relaxer treatments. If you have these or other cancers after consistently using chemical hair straighteners, you can file a lawsuit against hair straightener manufacturers. The latest studies published in 2021 found that regular usage of chemical hair straighteners increases your chances of breast cancer by 30%, which is what many of these product liability lawsuits will hinge on.

Manufacturers and chemical hair straighteners

The most prominent company in the chemical hair straightener lawsuit is L’oreal, but many others can also be liable for your losses. Some of the products allegedly causing cancer and other harmful diseases include:

  • Dark & Lovely
  • Ultra Sheet
  • ORS Olive Oil Hair relaxer
  • Just for Me
  • Motions
  • Cantu Shea Butter Relaxer

Many other hair straighteners are on the market, unregulated and potentially leading to cancer and severe illness. You must speak to our Delaware hair straightener mass tort lawyer to see if the type of serum you use is harmful.

Speak to a Delaware mass tort lawyer today

There will be many changes and updates to these product liability lawsuits, and it is best to begin your case as soon as possible. January of 2023 will solidify the avenue for a class action lawsuit. Being a part of a class action lawsuit does not mean you will get less than if you were in an individual case; it could provide different benefits than going against these big manufacturers alone. In an initial consultation, discuss your options with the Delaware mass tort lawyer from Kwartler Manu, LLC.

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