The Most Dangerous Intersections for Pedestrians in Philadelphia

The city of Philadelphia is known for its dangerous intersections. These intersections are not just dangerous for drivers, but also for pedestrians who are simply trying to cross at an intersection to get to whether they need to go. Being aware of the most dangerous intersections for pedestrians is important just in case you ever need to cross at any of these intersections.

When pedestrians get hit by vehicles at an intersection, they often endure major injuries. The injuries can lead to an undeniable amount of pain and suffering. An experienced personal injury attorney in Philadelphia would often need to get involved. Kwartler Manus, LLC is known for helping pedestrians fight for the compensation they are entitled to receive after an accident with a motor vehicle.

Roosevelt Boulevard and Grant Avenue

The intersection of Roosevelt Boulevard and Grant Ave is one of the most dangerous cities in Pennsylvania. So, what makes it so dangerous? You have multiple lanes, dozens of cars, and a bunch of stores around the intersection. With stores comes pedestrians who will need to cross the intersection. However, when the lights do not last long enough and cause confusion, it can quickly turn into a hazardous situation for pedestrians.

Roosevelt Boulevard and Cottman Avenue

As you can probably tell, there is a bit of a trend when it comes to Roosevelt Boulevard. It is such a dangerous boulevard because there are multiple lanes of traffic heading northbound and southbound, many of which are driving above the speed limit. There is simply not enough room for the number of vehicles that are traveling in either direction. The intersection of Roosevelt Boulevard and Cottman Avenue is especially dangerous because it is the location of the Roosevelt Mall, an outdoor strip mall where pedestrians are constantly coming and going.

Aramingo Avenue and Lehigh Avenue

Anyone who looks at a Google Street View image of this intersection would easily be able to see the dangers it poses for pedestrians. There are four lanes of traffic on Lehigh Avenue, along with four lanes of traffic on Aramingo Avenue.

In addition to these lanes, there is a median on Lehigh avenue where pedestrians can stand if they do not make it across the intersection within a reasonable amount of time as the light starts turning yellow and then red. However, standing at the median is dangerous because motorists are driving down Lehigh and Aramingo at fast speeds.

15th Street and Market Street

A popular intersection due to its convenient location in Center City, it is no wonder why the intersection of 15th Street and Market Street is so dangerous. Not only do you have pedestrians getting off the El and different buses at various points of the intersection, but you also have the traffic coming from every direction. Many motorists make turns at this intersection while pedestrians are attempting to cross, creating even more of a hazardous situation.

Some intersections in the city of Philadelphia are more dangerous for pedestrians than others. The dangers are often associated with the size of the intersections, the lack of ideal safety signals, and the increased speeds of drivers who are going above the speed limit at any moment. If you are a pedestrian who was involved in an accident with a motor vehicle at these intersections or any other intersection in the city, Kwartler Manus, LLC would like to help you. Book your consultation today by contacting us online or calling our office at 267-457-55708.

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