What to Do After a Pedestrian Accident on Roosevelt Boulevard in Philadelphia

The first crucial step a victim can take after a pedestrian accident on Roosevelt Boulevard in Philadelphia is ensuring they get the right help. This is because it can determine the outcome of your case. Finding the right law firm team to take on your pedestrian case is in your best interest. You need a pedestrian accident attorney to fight for the compensation you’re owed.

Report the Accident

Call the police immediately after a pedestrian accident to report it. Wait at the scene of the accident until the police arrive and have assessed the situation. The police will ask for your contact information, so be ready to provide that. You’ll also want to provide the police with the full scope of information and details of the accident.

As a precaution always ask for the name and badge number of all the officers you’ve engaged with. Lastly, request a copy of the policy report.

Exchange Information

Always take your own pictures  of the exact spot the accident occurred on Roosevelt Boulevard, of the vehicle involved,  and of your injuries even though the copy of the policy report will provide official documentation of the crash. Be sure to get the name, phone number, address, and insurance information of the negligent driver. You should also collect the drivers’ car make and model, driver’s license number, and license plate number.

If there are any third-party witnesses, make sure to collect their contact information and eyewitness statements as well. This will further prove that you are not at fault and help your claim.

Do not admit or imply any wrongdoings during the accident

When talking to the driver, be careful not to apologize or admit any fault since they can use this against you. The driver can take the apology as you are admitting fault. Choose your words carefully when you’re talking to the driver of the vehicle. Admitting wrongdoing can hurt your claim, so be careful to not admit guilt to a police officer. This is because the police officer will record that apology or statement of guilt in their official report admitting any fault can create potential consequences. If you’ve made the mistake of apologizing or admitting fault, it can impact your eligibility to receive the compensation you deserve.

Document the Scene

Observe your surroundings and record every helpful detail you notice. Take photos of anything that can be helpful to the investigation. Make sure you take photos of the aftermath, exactly as it lays. The photo is an illustration of what actually happened. It also helps that nowadays, our phones have advanced far enough to help us keep a good record of when things happened and documents the date and location of any picture taken for us.

Gather pictures from multiple angles to show exactly where any impact occurred. You want to make sure you have a good account of what happened and can recount the details of the story. Keeping a record of every observation can aid your investigation and make it easier to pinpoint liability. Don’t forget to take notes of things such as other impacting conditions such as  weather, road conditions, road hazards, and the condition of the driver.

Seek Medical Attention

Always try to stay calm and check for injuries after a pedestrian accident. It’s important to seek medical attention, even if you feel like you haven’t sustained any injuries. This is important because there are times that the shock from the accident can delay any pain or injuries.  Victims often report that it  took several hours or days for their injuries to make themselves known, which is what you want to prevent. Some injuries may even appear minor to you at first, so it’s in your best interest to have a medical professional check your injuries, to prevent any serious complications later that may have come up if they weren’t addressed from the start.

After seeking help from a medical profession, they will inform you of the actual extent of your injuries. Seeking medical attention immediately will also allow you to collect medical records and documents of your injuries sustained at the scene. This will protect your rights in case the negligent driver claims you were injured after the accident.

Contact a pedestrian accident attorney

There are a lot of times drivers don’t take pedestrians into consideration. Knowing when to get help and who to contact for help is important in filing a successful claim, so If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident on Roosevelt Boulevard, contact us as soon as possible by calling our office or submitting our contact form.

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