The Risks of Personal Injury as a Mail Carrier

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned national attention toward the daily work of mail carriers in an unparalleled fashion. Mail carriers are always on call despite any weather conditions, including scorching heat, thunderstorms, and freezing temperatures. Their work impacts every corner of the city, and public recognition is well-deserved. However, it is not a safeguard against the possible injuries that can be incurred while working as a mail carrier.

What is my risk like as a mail carrier?

Here are some common ways you can be injured while working as a mail carrier:

  • Animal attacks by residents’ pets, like dogs
  • Falls, caused by all of the ground mail carriers must cover on foot
  • Accidents on stairs
  • Automobile crashes
  • Overexertion or repeated motions
  • Altercations with the general public (As public servants, it’s unfortunate but true that mail carriers experience a higher chance of encountering some violent incident while working.)

Is it my fault if I am involved in an accident or injured on the job?

Accidents and mistakes happen to any worker in any industry. If you were aware of all the proper protocols and following them at the time of the incident in question, then you should not be primarily held responsible for the dangerous occurrence in question. Upon hiring, an employer automatically absorbs some of the responsibility for your wellbeing in your day-to-day life. This is true for any industry, and overarching federal and state labor laws should provide you workplace protections.

Your responsibility in the event of an injury is to follow proper internal policies and procedures for reporting the incident, primarily to your immediate supervisor or a Human Resources manager. Make sure to independently keep a copy of this report that you can access outside of your workplace. If that violates any rules in place at your employer, write down the same details in a separate report outside of work that you can refer to independently.

Your primary responsibility is the protection of your wellbeing

Despite the fact that you are a trusted and valued mail carrier and worker for your employer, this does not mean that your personal wellbeing falls privy to accidents that happen on the job. You are individually responsible for the advocacy of your wellbeing, especially following an injury. You must be the first person to fight for your right to compensation.One question you may feel ill-equipped to answer is if you have a case sufficient to follow with a fight for fiduciary reparations. Fortunately, you can turn to the experts at Kwartler-Manus for a complimentary consultation. They can advise you of the next best steps to take and what information you may need to be gathering in preparation, such as any videos or photos of the event, personal testimony, or eyewitness statements. Upon deciding to move forward with your case, the personal injury lawyers of Kwartler-Manus are an excellent choice for representation considering their extensive trial experience, success in winning millions of dollars worth of claims for previous clients, and overall expert guidance. Contact us online or by phone at 267-457-55708 to schedule a complimentary consultation today.

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