The Real Cost of Being Injured as a Pedestrian by a Motor Vehicle

Pedestrians have the right to walk around safely without the fear of getting hit by a motor vehicle. While motorists are supposed to keep a close eye on other drivers and pedestrians, not all do, and that is when these serious accidents can happen. If a driver is under the influence, distracted, or simply in a rush while speeding down the roadway, they could end up hitting a pedestrian and causing that pedestrian to suffer from extensive injuries. Some of those injuries could put the pedestrian at risk of losing their life. The cost of being injured as a pedestrian by a motor vehicle is tremendous. There are many expenses involved when a pedestrian is injured by a motorist.

Due to the costs associated with injuries sustained by a pedestrian during a motor vehicle accident, the pedestrian should want to hire a Philadelphia personal injury attorney for representation when filing a lawsuit against the driver. The driver’s negligence is likely what caused the motor vehicle accident and numerous injuries for the victim. Kwartler Manus, LLC can provide representation to pedestrian victims involved in accidents with a motor vehicle.

New and Unexpected Medical Expenses

After enduring numerous injuries, you will likely begin to receive medical bills from the hospital, physicians, and therapists that you now need to see. If you had to undergo surgical procedures, you can expect bills from the surgery. If you now need to take prescription medication to cope with different conditions, the cost of your prescriptions may be much higher than you ever anticipated.

All these new and unexpected medical expenses can quickly start adding up while burning a hole in your pockets. It is because of the severity of the injuries and the medical bills associated with those injuries that pedestrian accidents involving motor vehicles tend to have a higher payout when lawsuits are won.

The Loss of Income Due to the Injuries

Not only does being injured as a pedestrian cost you because of the countless medical bills you will receive from all the necessary procedures you have had to undergo due to your injuries, but it costs you the ability to make a living for yourself. When you are the pedestrian who was hit by a car and you have been severely injured, the possibility of going back to work may be out of the question for now.

So, what happens if you were the only one bringing in an income for the household? Not only do you suffer, but the rest of the household suffers, including any children you might have who are dependent on you. You should never have to go through the experience of dealing with costs associated with being injured as a pedestrian by a motor vehicle. However, if you are in this situation because a motorist crashed into you, know that you do have legal options, and there is a way to get help with the costs that you have been dealing with since the day of the accident. Here at Kwartler Manus, LLC, our team of attorneys is ready to help. We want to learn more about your situation, so contact us online or give us a call at 267-457-5570.

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