Common Causes of Electric Scooter Accidents

There is no questioning the fact there has been a substantial boom in the use of electric scooters in recent months. Unfortunately, with that boom comes another corresponding rise in something else: accidents related to these electric scooters.

However, just like an automobile or some other kind of accident, the personal injury attorneys at Kwartler Manus are committed to giving electric scooter accident victims only the best representation for their injuries. In addition, knowing some of the most common causes of electric scooter accidents could hep prevent them.

Scooter Malfunction

One of the most common causes of scooter injuries would be scooter malfunction. Electric scooter companies such as Bird and Lime have thousands of scooters across the country. Moreover, some of these electric scooter companies are not very direct about the rules and regulations regarding these devices.

Possible malfunctions can include such things as handlebar collapses, brake failures, flat tires, and electronic motor issues. Because of the lack of physical protection around them, riders are at a high risk of sustaining injuries if their scooter malfunctions and an accident occurs.

Road Hazards

There have been reported cases of electric scooter crashes from road hazards as well. Bird and Lime electric scooters can travel at speeds of up to 15 mph. While this doesn’t seem very fast, when a road hazard gets in the way, it can lead to severe injuries. An electric scooter could wreck from potholes, construction waste, fallen tree branches from a storm, or even large personal litter.

Swervings and Doorings

Swerving on a scooter is entirely different from swerving in a car. Because the scooter is more lightweight and only has two wheels instead of four, the rider can easily be thrown off balance if they have to swerve to avoid a collision.

Doorings occur when an occupant of a car opens their door without realizing that a scooter is among the oncoming traffic. This usually results in the rider of the scooter running into the door.

Have you been injured by one of these types of accidents? If so, turn to the experienced Philadelphia personal injury attorneys at Kwartler Manus, LLC. We have made a name for ourselves when it comes personal injury law and have experience working with victims of electric scooter accidents. We will aggressively defend you and make sure all of your rights are accounted for.

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