5 Tips for Dealing with the Aftermath of a Car Accident with a FedEx Vehicle

Unfortunately, many passenger vehicle drivers are involved in car accidents with FedEx delivery drivers every year. Some people who have been in accidents before may have an idea about how to handle the aftermath, while others who have never been in an accident may be lost, confused, and clueless about what to do. Therefore, it is crucial to follow these five tips to ensure that you do not put your potential case in jeopardy:

1.     File a car accident police report

Immediately after a car accident with a FedEx driver, you should call law enforcement and report the accident. Responding officers will arrive at the scene and create a car accident police report, which will explain what happened during the accident and who the police officers believe is liable.

This report is essential if you plan to file a car accident claim as it shows that you were in an accident with a FedEx vehicle and you informed law enforcement of the accident. If you have already left the scene of the accident, you have a grace period of a few days to still reach out to your police department and make this report.

2.     Attend all medical appointments

It is very important to seek medical attention right after an accident. FedEx delivery trucks and vans are usually much larger than passenger vehicles, meaning that they can cause severe and life-threatening injuries. Therefore, by seeking medical attention, you can get the proper treatment you need for any injuries and symptoms you suffer.

However, you must attend all follow-up and specialist appointments that your doctor recommends. For example, they may suggest that you visit a physical therapist, kidney doctor, psychologist, or a surgeon. Attending these appointments shows that you are injured and getting the medical treatment that you need.

3.     Hire a car accident lawyer as quickly as possible

One of the most important tips we can give you is to hire a car accident lawyer as quickly as possible. While you may have two years in New Jersey and Pennsylvania to file a car accident claim, it is still a good idea to get in touch with a lawyer at your earliest convenience. Car accidents involving FedEx vehicles can add extra hurdles and complications, making the legal process a lot harder and longer. Therefore, the sooner that you can begin addressing your unique situation, the sooner you may be able to get past any problems that emerge and obtain fair compensation for your damages.

4.     Stay off social media and do not discuss the accident publicly

Even though social media is a huge part of everyone’s lives, it is highly recommended that you stay off Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, X, or any other platforms after an accident. You may want to vent about the FedEx driver, inform your friends of the crash, or update your family members about your recovery progress, but you should avoid doing this.

The FedEx driver’s insurance company or legal team is likely looking at your accounts in hopes of finding anything they can use against you. This could be posts, photos, videos, tags, check ins, replies, or comments. As important as it is to avoid posting about the crash on social media, you should limit your overall social media posts as well. Anything showing physical activity or exertion could wind up being used against you in the case as the defense team fights to reduce your settlement amount.

5.     Keep all information and documents regarding the accident safe and secure

When dealing with the aftermath of an accident, you will most likely collect a lot of documents and information. For example, you will receive paperwork from your doctor, prescriptions, receipts, auto mechanic reports, bills, and more. To ensure that you do not lose anything, you should keep all information and documents regarding the accident safe and secure. A lot of this information can be used as evidence, which means that you must be ready and prepared to give it to your attorney to support your claim when need be.

Call Kwartler Manus After an Accident with a FedEx Vehicle

At Kwartler Manus, LLC, our car accident lawyers know and understand that no matter what you do to avoid an accident, you cannot control the actions and behaviors of other drivers, including FedEx delivery drivers. Therefore, it is important to remember to stay calm, cool, and collected and allow your attorney to guide you through every step of the complex legal process. Please contact our firm to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation in New Jersey or Philadelphia today. We will happily mitigate some of your frustrations and ensure that you pursue the best option available to protect yourself and your rights after an accident.

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