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At Kwartler Manus, LLC we stand for justice, and when we see the rights and personal freedoms of others being taken advantage of, we’re not ones to sit in silence. We are appalled by the recent and ongoing accounts of sexual abuse that have come out across the nation, and we are committed to helping victims fight back.

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Too often, scandals of this nature are kept secret, both by victims and their perpetrators. It’s time to end this silence and, in turn, end the longstanding abuses that have plagued every professional, political, religious, and educational field imaginable. Contact a Philadelphia sexual abuse lawyer at our office to learn more about how you can advocate for yourself, and how you can help protect others from experiencing similar abuses in the future.

The Reality of Sexual Abuse Cases in the U.S.

According to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), 321,500 people 12 years or older are the victims of rape and sexual assault each year. This means 1 American is sexually assaulted every 98 seconds. If you or someone you love was assaulted or otherwise abused in any of the following ways, you have the legal right to file a civil lawsuit against your perpetrator:

  • Date rape
  • Forced oral sex
  • Forced penetration
  • Attempted sexual assault
  • Coerced sex using threats and/or weapons
  • Unwelcomed touching of private parts (under or over clothing)
  • Having someone reveal themselves to you unsolicited
  • Being shown explicit images and/or pornography as a minor
  • Having inappropriate pictures taken of you as a minor, or being asked to take inappropriate pictures of yourself

Keep in mind this is not a comprehensive list. Any sexually charged act involving some abuse of age, authority, physical size, or other form of power may be cause for legal action. If you have any doubt or suspicion, we encourage you to contact our team. We can meet with you privately to discuss the matter in more detail.

Clergy Sex Abuse

Clergy sexual abuse has been rampant for decades, with reports of indiscretion dating as far back as 1947. In Pennsylvania alone, 6 Catholic dioceses have been connected to more than 300 accounts of “predator priests” abusing over 1,000 children – and these numbers are likely to grow as more victims come forward. Among the perpetrators:

  • Archbishops
  • Auxiliary bishops
  • Bishops
  • Cardinals
  • Monsignors

It’s imperative that these men be held accountable for the terrible acts they’ve committed against trusting children and families of the church. If you were personally victimized, or you know someone who was, do not wait to speak to an attorney about your legal options. The sooner you involve a lawyer, the sooner these criminals will be removed from any position that might allow them to continue their heinous behaviors.

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Sexual abuse of any kind is completely unacceptable. If you were victimized, whether it was last month, last year, or as a child, you do not have to suffer silently. Kwartler Manus, LLC is here to help. Under the guidance of a Philadelphia sexual abuse lawyer at our office, you can take back power and hold your abuser legally accountable for the physical, psychological, and emotional damages they inflicted.

Contact Kwartler Manus, LLC now at (267) 457-5570 or online. We look forward to fighting for you.

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