Steps to Take After Suffering a Slip and Fall Injury at a Philadelphia Wawa

Wawa is a convenience store and gas station that operates throughout the country. Like other businesses open to the public, they have a duty to keep the premises safe. They should pay for losses if they fail their duty and someone suffers an injury. If you fall in a Wawa, speak to our Philadelphia premises liability attorney.

Contact authorities

The moment the accident happens, you should contact the police. The store can file an internal report, but the police report will provide additional details regarding the incident. They can document the scene and determine the cause. The police report is also essential when filing your injury claim. When you obtain the report, keep it safe and bring it to an initial consultation with a Philadelphia Wawa accident lawyer.

When you call the police, you should also request emergency services to get medical attention. Even if you feel uninjured, it is vital to get checked out. Sometimes injuries don’t show symptoms until hours or days afterward. The shock and emotions surrounding the accident can cover up symptoms until you settle in at home.

Get witness information

Since these Wawas are high-traffic areas, there are likely other people nearby who saw the accident. Often, witnesses will leave before police can arrive to get their statements. You should try to get their contact information so your Philadelphia slip and fall attorney can get their official statement later. Witness statements can make a difference in premises liability cases since the witness has no involvement in the situation and does not benefit from making a statement.

You should ask for their names, phone numbers, email addresses, and home addresses. You can even record their statement in a voice note on your phone. If you can record their statement, ask what they saw and their thoughts about the cause of the fall.

Report it to a Wawa manager

Typically, a Wawa manager will already come to address the fall, but if they have not, then you should speak to one. The manager will be alerted to the situation and address the hazard. They will also alert the insurance company about what occurred and that a claim may come in. Sometimes they will file a report about the incident. You will also need the manager’s name and contact information. You will need the insurance company’s name, policy number, official location name, and store number.

Take pictures

You should take pictures and videos before the manager can clean up the mess. Since the hazard is present to other customers, they will quickly remedy it. The clean-up will also complicate liability without photos and videos. You do not need to move to take these pictures; grab your cell phone and take photos from where you are. Moving about can cause further harm. You should also take pictures of your injuries immediately. Bruises, bleeding, and swelling can decrease over time. It is vital to have these pictures as they will help with your claim. Our Philadelphia slip and fall lawyers can help guide you on which pictures you should take, and we will include them in your case file.

Do not wash your clothing

This step might seem odd, but your clothing can be relevant to your case. Your shoes may become a focal point of the investigation. The insurance company may argue your footwear caused you to fall. By preserving it, you can prove otherwise. Not only should you keep your clothing, you should not wash it. Your first instinct might be to wash off blood, substances, or more but DO not.

Avoid social media

Social media has become a place to share our lives and vent to others. You might be tempted to discuss your case, injuries, pain, and medical appointments. Unfortunately, the more you say and post about your life during a claim, the higher your risk of a claim denial. Insurance adjusters will be watching your social media, even private ones, for anything they can take out of context and use against you. They will not only focus on posts regarding your accident but any and everything you put online.

Call a Philadelphia Wawa slip-and-fall lawyer

After a Wawa slip and fall, the best step is to contact a Philadelphia premises liability attorney. The insurance company works against you, but Kwartler Manus, LLC works for you. We understand how to navigate these claims and help you recover payment for your losses. We have helped countless clients get the justice they deserve. Speak to our legal team by calling (267) 817-7127 to schedule a consultation.

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