One Bite Too Many: PA Dog Bite Law Explained

Pennsylvania lawmakers understand the severity of dog bite injuries and have implemented laws to hold owners accountable for their negligent actions.

PA Dog Bite Law

Previously, a dog owner couldn’t be held liable for their dog’s vicious actions if the incident was the first time the dog had shown violent behavior. This was known as the “one bite rule,” which meant that dog owners were essentially given one “get out of jail free pass” for their dog’s first bite. This rule has since been changed and is no longer valid in Pennsylvania.

Likely to Bite

Now, an owner can be held responsible any time their dog bites someone, including their first incident. Changes to the “one bite rule” make it so that owners must be aware of the likeliness of their dog to bite another person. If an owner knows their dog is aggressive, they must take the proper steps to ensure that their dog doesn’t bite someone—otherwise, they can be held liable for the attack.

If you’ve been injured in a dog bite accident, you must prove that the owner of the dog knew their animal had vicious tendencies and that they did nothing to prevent it from biting you. This is most commonly proved through evidence such as:

  • The dog’s breed – Certain breeds are more likely to aggress than others.
  • The owner’s safety measures – Was there proper fencing? Was the dog on a leash? Was the dog muzzled?
  • The owner’s handling – Are they treating the dog properly?
  • The dog’s tone – Are they barking? Are they growling?
  • The dog’s history – Has the dog been aggressive before?

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There are many moving parts in establishing liability in a Pennsylvania dog bite case. Luckily, working with a team of trusted attorneys can help you pursue the maximum compensation you deserve.

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