Delaware County Restaurant Hazards for Visitors

Proper health and safety in restaurants are oftentimes overlooked since it is considered a non-high-hazard industry. This holds even more truth when compared to other occupations. Despite this revelation, it certainly does not mean life-changing injuries and illnesses do not occur in the food industry. The Philadelphia slip and fall accident attorneys discuss the most common hazards Delaware County visitors face when eating in a restaurant. It is our hope that our imparting of knowledge decreases the risk of having more injuries and illnesses.

Restaurant Safety Hazards

In the food industry, restaurants are notorious for having different kinds of hazards. The most notable though? Slip, trip, and fall hazards account for the overwhelming majority of injuries in the restaurant. In fact, these are the reason for most injuries:

  • Slips, trips, falls as a result of slippery and obstructed walking surfaces
  • Cuts and abrasions to hands from kitchen utensils
  • Burns from cooking equipment or hot plates
  • Loss of fingertips or entire fingers from meat slicers
  • Workplace violence from other employees or customers

Restaurant Safety Rules

Some rules that would be wise to implement into restaurant operations are:

  • No running in the restaurant at any time
  • No horseplay in the restaurant at any time
  • Use protective gloves or other PPE when handling knives and other cutting utensils
  • Never use any meat slicing equipment or other dangerous equipment unless you have been trained to use it safely
  • Use safe work procedures while cooking and handling hot plates in order to avoid and prevent burns
  • Treat all employees equally

Fire Hazards

OSHA or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration mandates that all restaurants keep fire extinguishers in the kitchen because grease build-ups can occur on grills and surrounding areas. The fire extinguisher must be portable, mounted, and accessible. All employees must be trained are expected to know how to properly use a fire extinguisher. Fire extinguisher training needs to include how to activate the overhead fire suppression system. It is recommended to also keep a supply of baking soda nearby for small skillet fires.

Electrical Hazards

All electrical wiring must be in good condition and covers placed on electrical outlets. Any type of frayed electrical cord or faulty equipment may spark and further cause an electrical fire. It is not suggested that you use extension cords to be connected to outlets in place of permanent wiring.

Housekeeping Hazards

OSHA states that a large percentage of injuries in restaurants are due to slip and falls. Proper housekeeping practices will prevent this from happening. Be sure to maintain aisles and keep them as well as floors clear of all tripping hazards. If possible, you can coat your floors with anti-slip surfaces. You want to keep floors around the sinks dry too.

Personal Protective Equipment

At all restaurants, you want to always access the hazards and provide employees with personal protective equipment. For instance, employees who are susceptible to chemicals splashing in their faces should be provided safety goggles. Proper eye protection and gloves can go a long way in protecting employees.

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