Seeking Compensation Following Injury From Ozempic

When you take Ozmepic, you are trying to feel better, whether it is to control your diabetes or for weight loss. Pharmaceutical solutions help manage various ailments and improve overall quality of life. When medications that are meant to help you cause you harm, you have legal remedies available. Ozempic and Mounjaro are among the latest medicines that are under fire for their adverse effects. Kwartler Manus, LLC, is here to help you seek justice if you suffer injuries from using these medications.

Ozempic’s responsibility to patients

The most contentious aspect of this lawsuit is the responsibility of manufacturers for patient safety. Transparent disclosure is a significant concern, as is failure to warn patients. When a manufacturer fails to warn or communicate risks to patients, they do not understand what could happen if they begin taking the medication. This can jeopardize the patient’s health and future. Patients can also experience financial losses from missing work and unexpected medical expenses.

The lawsuits currently allege that Eli Lilly and Novo Nordisk did not provide information regarding the dangers of using their drugs. Even if the lawsuit is resolved, patients lose trust in these companies. There is sure to be substantial litigation and legal resources that stem from these claims. The industry will likely change, especially within these company structures.

Eligibility for filing an Ozmepic lawsuit

Ozempic is linked to side effects like gallbladder issues, stomach paralysis, and pancreatitis. Patients who take these medications and suffer injuries are now filing lawsuits against manufacturers. At the forefront is Novo Nordisk, which manufactures Ozempic and other similar drugs. You may be entitled to seek compensation if you can file a claim. You must prove that using Ozempic caused side effects and that Novo Nordisk knew the risks of the side effects and did not warn potential patients. Additionally, you may also:

  • Be diagnosed with gastroparesis
  • Have taken Ozempic
  • Suffered persistent vomiting or other side effects

Discuss your eligibility with our product defect attorney during an initial consultation. We can review individual factors and see if you meet the current criteria. Since these cases are in the preliminary phases, eligibility can change later.

Types of damages available

While it is still early in the litigation process, if your claim is successful, you can recover damages for your losses. They will vary depending on your circumstances. Some of the types of damages you could be entitled to include:

  • Lost wages are possible if you had to take time off work to recover from Ozempic usage. A product defect attorney can review your losses, including bonuses or raises you missed. You may also suffer lost earning potential if diagnosed with long-term conditions.
  • Medical expenses like diagnostic tests and assessments, treatment to alleviate your symptoms, and new medications to help you recover.
  • Pain and suffering cover the conditions’ emotional effects on you. The court will calculate these losses, unlike the other forms of compensation.

Your personal injury attorney and the court will review your case to determine total compensation. They will look at the severity of your injuries, time off, and the calculation of other losses. Kwartler Manus, LLC will keep track of and calculate your losses. 

Punitive damages for Ozempic lawsuits

Sometimes, the court will award punitive damages for cases involving egregious actions. These awards intend to punish the defendant. In this case, they would punish Novo Nordisk for their negligence. The award can be separate from the other types of compensation you could be eligible for. Eligibility may also depend on where you live since some states allow these damages while others do not. An Ozempic injury lawyer can review your case to assess your potential for punitive damages.

Filing an Ozempic Lawsuit

When considering filing a product liability lawsuit, you should speak to a personal injury attorney to discuss your eligibility and case merit. They will review your case facts and advise you on the best legal options. Since this case is gaining traction, there is a multidistrict lawsuit. You could join the lawsuit with other plaintiffs. Sometimes, you may be able to file an individual lawsuit. After reviewing your options with your product liability attorney, you can sign up with the law firm and complete relevant paperwork. From here, your attorney will take over your case and represent you in court.

Is it possible to receive payment without filing a lawsuit?

As with many personal injury cases, you will want to secure a settlement without extensive litigation. A lawsuit might be the best route to get payment for your losses. However, a downside is this process can take substantial time and court costs. This leads some claimants to look at alternative options. One of those would be negotiating a settlement that covers your losses. Negotiations can be fruitful if the manufacturer is willing to pay. However, a lawsuit can be the only option if they are not.

Speak to a product defect attorney

If you suffer harm from using Mounjaro or Ozempic and have suffered unexpected medical bills, emotional pain and suffering, and an inability to work, you can seek compensation. The effectiveness of these medications for managing obesity and diabetes has overshadowed the severe side effects of these drugs. These conditions have resulted in patients needing to be hospitalized. The worst part of these claims is the manufacturers were aware of the dangers and did not warn patients. They should be held responsible, and you should get justice. Start the legal process by calling Kwartler Manus, LLC, and scheduling an initial consultation.

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