Steps to Take if You Have a Recalled Exactech Device in Your Body

There are defective devices that can cause serious harm – and even death – to consumers if they are not recalled from the marketplace. Medical defective devices absolutely fall into that category. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), medical devices are not as rigorously tested as drugs before being introduced to the marketplace.

The organization also reveals that new medical devices are not even tested on humans before patients begin to use these devices. This lack of proper testing has contributed to the increase of medical device recalls over the past decade.

How many medical device recalls have been issued by Exactech?

One medical device company that has been in the headlines for its substantial number of recalls is Exactech. Exactech is a global medical device company that is responsible for producing joint replacement devices. Within the past two years, the company has had to issue two recalls regarding knee, hip, and ankle replacements.

The first recall occurred in the summer of 2021 when a design defect was discovered in a hip liner model that is commonly attached to a hip replacement system. The defect led to a recall of nearly 90,000 hip replacement devices due to early device failure and premature wear. The second recall occurred in February of this year and occurred because there was a defect discovered in the knee replacement devices.

How can recalled medical devices harm patients?

Defective medical devices can cause patients to experience a suggestive amount of pain. The defective Exactech knee replacements, for example, can cause patients to experience symptoms like a grinding noise where the joint connects, swelling, instability around the knee, and an inability to bear weight on the knee. The amount of pain that the patient experiences may cause patients to undergo corrective surgery to resolve the issue. Even after corrective surgery is performed, the patient can still experience pain in the affected joint.

Steps to take if you have an Exactech device inplanted

Ever since both recalls have been issued, surgeons have been advised to stop installing all Exactech knee, hip, and ankle replacements in patients. Manufacturers are required to return all defective devices to the company. Patients who already have a recalled Exactech device inside of their body should contact their healthcare provider immediately for an evaluation. Healthcare providers are advised to keep a list of patients with recalled Exactech devices and monitor their progress for signs of device failure.

Procedures for patients with recalled Exactech devices experiencing pain

Patients with recalled Exactech devices may experience symptoms like swelling, instability in the affected joint area, bone loss, an inability to place weight on the affected area, and overall decreased mobility. When patients are experiencing these types of symptoms, healthcare providers may conduct an X-ray to study the status of the recalled device.

Depending on the results, the healthcare provider may recommend corrective surgery to remove the recalled device. For patients who do not experience these types of symptoms, corrective surgery may not be recommended. The decision to conduct corrective surgery will be determined by the healthcare provider and the patient.

Legal actions that are available

Even after patients have undergone corrective surgery, patients are still entitled to seek financial compensation from Exactech for the pain the defective device has caused. Exactech, like all manufacturers, has an obligation to provide safe products to all consumers. The company’s past recalls have shown that the company has failed to produce a medical device that is not defective. Patients are allowed to hold Exactech accountable for the medical expenses incurred due to the defective medical device, as well as the pain and suffering the medical device has caused.

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